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AMS Chapters

Fifteen regional chapters are associated with the AMS. Many have independent web sites. Their programs are announced via at the Upcoming Chapter Meetings web page, the AMS Newsletter, the AMS Announcement Bulletin Board, and their independent web sites. AMS members are enrolled in their regional chapter by default upon joining.

Chapter web sites


Follow this link for all current AMS chapter officers.

Which chapter covers which region? Click on the map to enlarge.

See here for a listing of chapters according to Zip/Postal Code

The AMS Chapter Fund financially supports activities of AMS Chapters. Please follow the guidelines carefully when submitting a funding request.

AMS Chapters each elect one representative to AMS Council. The term of this office is set by AMS Council (not the chapter) and lasts three years (August to July). Representatives may not be elected to succeed themselves. (By-laws, IV.A.)

AMS Chapters also elect two student members to AMS Council. They are students in doctoral programs in any field of musical scholarship. (Student members are ineligible to participate in voting by the Council.) Student members serve overlapping terms of two years (August to July). One student is elected or chosen in each Chapter each year. Representatives may not be elected to succeed themselves. (By-laws, IV.A.2) Student Chapter representatives to AMS Council are eligible for travel subsidy from the AMS office (see the Chapter Fund Guidelines for details). Student Chapter representatives must complete a reimbursement form (available via the Chapter Fund web page) and submit to the appropriate Chapter officer in order to receive AMS travel subsidy.

AMS Chapter administrators are requested to report financial and administrative activities as follows:

Chapter secretaries and administrators may request an updated chapter membership list at any time by contacting Katie VanDerMeer.

Send questions and updates regarding AMS Chapters to Katie VanDerMeer at the AMS office.