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AMS Council

See the AMS Administration page for all current members of AMS Council.

The AMS Council is established as an entity of the AMS in its By-laws, Article IV. AMS Council functions as a forum for AMS members to consider matters of policy and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. It also elects Honorary and Corresponding Members of the Society each year. It meets at the Annual Meeting each year (Saturday noon).

Further administrative information on AMS Council is provided in the AMS Handbook.

Council membership: The Council Nominating Committee solicits nominations in December each year, and draws up a slate of candidates for Board approval in March. The AMS membership then votes on the slate. Fifteen per year are elected through this process. Terms are three years.

Council includes forty-five at-large members, thirty student members (elected or appointed by chapters; two-year terms), and fifteen chapter representatives.

Student members of council may request travel support from the AMS. For further information, see the Chapter Fund web page.

Nominations, including self-nominations for AMS Council are encouraged. Send your nomination to the Chair of the Council Nominating Committee by 15 January .

Further information on nominations:

  • As stated in the Bylaws of the AMS, "The regular members of the Council shall be scholars who have made notable contributions to the stated object of the Society," that is, Council members have a strong track record in the discipline.
  • The primary obligations of Council members include conscientious voting for Honorary and Corresponding Members of the Society, and attending the annual Council meeting, held at each annual meeting (Saturday noon).
  • The term of Council membership is three years.
  • No one can run for AMS office (Officer, Director-at-Large) if he or she has not been a member of Council.
  • Send a brief bio with your nomination in order to assist the Council Nominating Committee.