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Paul A. Pisk Prize Winners

This Prize was inaugurated in 1991 to recognize the most outstanding scholarly paper read at an Annual Meeting of the Society by a graduate music student. See the award guidelines for full details.


2018 Caitlin Schmid (Harvard University)
Ice Music, Ice Cello, Iced Bodies: Reinterpreting Charlotte Moorman’s Avant-Garde (1972–2018)”
2018 Jessica Gabriel Peritz (University of Chicago)
“Luigia Todi’s Timbre: The Enlightening “Social Utility” of Female Voice in 1790s Italy”
2017 Alexander Cowan (Harvard University)
"Eugenics at the Eastman School: Music Psychology and the Racialization of Musical Talent"
2016 Braxton D. Shelley (University of Chicago)
"'Tuning up' in Contemporary Gospel Performance"
2015 Frederick G. C. Reece (Harvard University)
"'How to Forge a Missing Link: Winfried Michel’s 'Haydn' and the Style-Historical Imagination"
2014 Mathieu Langlois (Cornell University)
"'Mere Bastard Sounds': Dandrieu and Musical Pictorialism"
2013 David Chapman (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
"Improvisation, Watermelons, and Steve Reich'sPiano Phase"
2012 Barbara Swanson (Case Western Reserve University),
“Old Chant, New songs: Plainchant and Monody in Early Modern Rome”
2011 Mark Ferraguto (Cornell University)
“Beethoven à la moujik: Russianness and Learned Style in the ‘Rasumovsky’ String Quartets”
2010 Remi Chiu (McGill University)
“St. Sebastian Motets as Curatives for the Plague”
2009 Rebekah Ahrendt (University of California, Berkeley)
“’Allons en paix, rebatir nos maisons': Staging the réfugié experience”
2008 Kimberly Anne Francis (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
“'Il reste encore des questions': Nadia Boulanger and Igor Stravinsky Develop the Symphonie de Psaumes”
2007 Emily Abrams Ansari (University of Western Ontario/Harvard University)
“Aaron Copland and Cultural Diplomacy: 'Un-American' Composer Meets Cold War Ambassador”
2006 Jesse Rodin (Harvard University)
“‘When in Rome...’: What Josquin Learned in the Sistine Chapel”
2005 Paul Berry (Yale University)
“‘Alte Liebe': Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, and the Poetics of Musical Memory”
2004 Robert Fallon (University of California, Berkeley)
“The Record of Realism in Messiaen's Bird Style”
2003 Ted Dumitrescu (Universiteit Utrecht)
“A Flemish-Italian Gift to the Tudors”
2002 Silvio dos Santos (Brandeis University)
“Ascription of Identity: The Bild Motif and the Character of Lulu”
2001 Jennifer Shaw(SUNY Stony Brook)
“New Performance Sources and Old Modernist Productions: Die Jakobsleiter in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
2000 Gundula Kreuzer (St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford)
"'Oper in Kirchengewande': Verdi's Requiem and the Anxiety of the German Nation"
1999 Hilary Poriss (University of Chicago)
"Making their Way Through the World": Italian One-Hit Wonders, 1825-1850
1998 No award
1997 Cormac Newark (Christ Church, Oxford)
"‘Mille sentiments confus l’agitent’: Understanding La Muette de Portici"
1996 Stefano Castelvecchi( University of Chicago)
"Sentimental and Anti-Sentimental in Da Ponte’s and Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro"
1995 Kate van Orden (University of Chicago) "‘Chansons plus menestrieres que musiciennes’: Singing to Timbres in Late Sixteenth-Century France"
1994 Kelley Harness (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
"La flora(1628): A Symbolic Transfer of Power in Early Seventeenth-Century Florence"
1993 John R. Clevenger (Eastman School of Music)
"Achille at the Conservatoire (1872–1884)"
1992 Luisa Vilar-Paya (University of California, Berkeley)
"Schoenberg’s Re-centerings: Pitch Organization and Formal Processes in Early Twelve-Tone Music"
1991 Mark W. Stahura (University of Chicago)
"Refuting the Ripieno in Handel’s Orchestra"