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Transition from AMS-L to Musicology-L

Musicology-L (the successor to AMS-L):

Administration and How to Subscribe or unsubscribe

To request subscription to Musicology-L, send an email to The subject line can be blank or include any text; the body of the e-mail must contain in the first line:

subscribe Musicology-L YourFirstName YourLastName

for example:

subscribe Musicology-L Pat Smith

The software subscribes you according to the address from which the above message is sent.

To unsubscribe, send a one-line message containing the following to

          signoff Musicology-L

Subscribers should monitor their subscription, set vacation mode, change their delivery options, e-mail address, etc., using the Musicology-L web interface at Subscribers will find extensive manuals for the Listserv software, list information, and detailed instructions and options for their subscription. (TIP: if you're getting too much mail, switch to one per day ("Digest Mode"). Visit the Listserv Musicology-L page, sign in, and adjust your account settings accordingly: change "Mail Style" from "Regular" to "Digest.")

Addresses that "bounce" repeatedly are removed from the list automatically. To avoid this, ensure that your email client (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) is set to never mark mail sent from as spam.