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The Noah Greenberg Award Winners


2018 Rebecca Cypess
"Sisters, Face to Face: The Bach Legacy in Women's Hands"
2017 JoAnn Taricani
An Antidote against Melancholy (1661): Soundscape for a Coronation
2016 Laurie Stras
Musica Secreta recording: motets associated with convent of Corpus Domini, Ferrara
2015 Jessie Ann Owens and Blue Heron
World Premiere Recording of Cipriano de Rore's I madrigali a cinque voci
2014 Anthony Cummings
Collaboration with ensemble "La Morra" on compact disc recording, The Lion's Ear
2013 Julia Dokter
"Recording of Matthias Weckmann's Free Works for Organ: A Practical Application of Tactus and Tempo Research"
2012 Lori Kruckenberg, Michael Alan Anderson, and the Schola Antiqua of Chicago
"Sounding the Neumatized Sequence"
2011 Philip V. Bohlman and the New Budapest Orpheum Society
Representing the Holocaust, Resounding Terezín
2010 Jesse Rodin and Cut Circle
"Josquin's Rome: Hearing and Composing in the Sistine Chapel"
2009 Liber: Ensemble for Early Music
Recording Previously Unrecorded Repertoire of the Trecento
2008 Adam Knight Gilbert
Fifteenth-Century Counterpoint and Improvisation
2007 Elisabeth Le Guin
Audience Performance Practice: A Pilot Project
2006 Christopher Wolverton, Vox Early Music Ensemble, and Honey Meconi, University of Rochester
Extreme Singing: Very Low Music of the Renaissance
2005 Catherine Gordon-Seifert, Elisabeth Belgrano, and Stephen Stubbs
The Lyric Art of Bénigne de Bacilly From Drinking Songs to Spiritual Airs
2004 Philip Cave and Sally Dunkley
Honour, Glory, Light of Flanders: The Music of Philippe Rogier
2003 Christopher Stembridge
Complete Edition of the Keyboard Works of Girolamo Frescobaldi
2002 Maria I. Rose
Nineteenth-Century Piano Recording Project
2001 Talisman
CD: "Music of Russian Princesses From the Court of Catherine the Great" Listen, purchase
2000 Steven Zohn and The Publick Music
Music for a Mixed Taste. First Recordings of Telemann's Early Trios
1999 Victor Coelho and the Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis, Director
The 1608  Florentine Intermedi: Music for the Wedding of Cosimo II Medici and Maria Maddalena of Austria
1998 Musicians of the Old Post Road
CD: "Trios and Scottish Song Settings of J. N. Hummel"
1997 Kate van Orden and The King’s Noyse
Collaborative series of concerts and recording of voix de ville from Renaissance Paris
1996 Louise Stein
Series of performances and recording of Tomás de Torrejón Velasco, La purpura de la rosa
1996 Jeanice Brooks and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson
Performance workshops and concerts by the Orlando Consort and Musica Secreta, Twenty-Third International Conference of Medieval and Renaissance Music, Southampton, 1996
1995 Jeannette Sorrell and Apollo’s Fire
Reconstruction of American Music in the Federalist Period
1994 Frederick Gable
Hamburg Gertrudenmusic of 1607
1993 Richard G. King
Editing and Recording of Eighteenth-century Dutch music for the Viola da Gamba
1992 Alexander Blachly
Recording of the Sacred Works of Antoine Busnoys
1991 Kristin Thelander
Recording of Early-Nineteenth Century Music for Natural Horn and Pianoforte
1990 D.C. Hall's New Concert and Quadrille Band, directed by Peter Bloom
Recording of Concert Music from Mid-Nineteenth-Century America
1990 Juliane Baird
Recording of Three Cantatas of Johann Adolf Hasse
1989 Linda Kobler
Recording of early Italian Seventeenth-Century Harpsichord Works by Giovanni Picchi, Bernardo Storace, Michelangelo Rossi, Gregorio Strozzi (four works previously unrecorded)
1988 Robert Stephen Hill
Recording of Neglected Early J.S. Bach Keyboard Works
1987 Peter Urquhart
Canon in the Music of Josquin Desprez
1986 Evan Johnson
Mystery Sonatas of Heinrich Franz Biber, Performance and Recording
1985 Boston Renaissance Ensemble
Program of late Fifteenth- and early Sixteenth-century music in collaboration with Andrea von Ram
1985 John Hajdu
Performance and recording of two motets by Lully planned to coincide with Lully's tercentenary
1984 No Award
1983 Mary Cyr & Frederick Stoltzfus
Recording of six cantatas by Buxtehude
1982 Spencer Carroll
Video production of Roman de Fauvel
1981 Maria Fowler
Production of Guillaume de Dole
1981 Timothy Aarset
Book: The Art of Improvisation in Renaissance Music: Ensemble Polyphony in the Franco-Flemish Tradition, 1480–1550
1980 Philip Brett
Performances of Peri, Euridice, and Monteverdi, Orfeo (1980); recording of portions of Byrd, Gradualia
1980 Ross W. Duffin
Edition of Dufay chansons (Ogni Sorte editions)
1979 John Hajdu
Recording of Jean Gilles, Messe de morts
1978 Richard Taruskin
Recording of Ockeghem, Missa Prolationum