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AMS Elections 2020

Officers and members of the Board of Directors are elected each year according to the procedures set forth in the Society’s bylaws. In 2020, the board presents to the membership two candidates for vice president and six candidates for director at large (one officer and three directors are to be elected). The balloting is electronic and available via this web page; a paper ballot may be obtained from the office upon request. Voting closes 1 May. Results are announced in early June. Responsibilities of board officers and members are outlined in the bylaws and handbook (available at the website), and include managing all Society policies and procedures as well as all its fiduciary obligations. 

Follow this link to proceed to the ballot (sign-in required).

Biographical information for each candidate appears below.

Candidates for Vice President

Danielle Fosler-Lussier 

Professor of Music, Ohio State University

Degrees: PhD, UC Berkeley, 1999; BA, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1991

Research areas: Diplomacy; Cold War politics; women in U.S. musical organizations

Publications: Music on the Move (Michigan, 2020); “‘What can the AMS do?’: The Scholarly Society and the Academic Jobs Crisis,” Musicology Now (2019); Music in America’s Cold War Diplomacy (California, 2015); Database of Cultural Presentations, (2015); Music Divided: Bartók’s Legacy in Cold War Culture (California, 2007)

Awards: Assn. of Research Libraries, TOME Open Monograph Initiative Subvention (2018); AMS Publication Subvention (2014); NEH Fellowship (2011–12); Princeton Society of Fellows (2000–03); AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowship (1998–99)

Administrative experience: Society for American Music Board of Directors (2016–19); Office of Research Strategic Plan Working Group, Ohio State Univ. (2019); Area Head for Musicology, Ohio State Univ. (2014–16)

AMS activities: Chair, Committee on Career-Related Issues (2019-22); Board of Directors (2016–18); Slim Award Committee (2013–15; Chair, 2015); Council Committee on Corresponding and Honorary Members (2011); Council (2008–10); Cold War and Music Study Group, founding member; elected Member-at-Large (2006–09)


Mark Katz 

Professor of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Degrees: PhD, Michigan, 1999; BA, William & Mary, 1992

Research areas: music technology; hip hop; cultural diplomacy; the violin

Publications: Build: The Power of Hip Hop Diplomacy in a Divided World (Oxford, 2019); Groove Music: The Art and Culture of the Hip Hop DJ (Oxford, 2012); co-ed. (with T. Taylor and T. Grajeda), Music, Sound, and Technology in America (Duke, 2012); The Violin: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge, 2006); Capturing Sound: How Technology has Changed Music (California, 2004/2010)

Awards: University Diversity Award, UNC-CH (2017); Dent Medal, RMA (2016); Hip Hop Education Center, Best Cultural Exchange Model (2015); Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education (2014); Sally Hacker Book Award, Society for the History of Technology (2007)

Administrative experience: Director, UNC Inst. for the Arts & Humanities (2014–19); Founding Director, Next Level cultural diplomacy program (2013–18); Editor, JSAM (2012–15), Chair, Dept. of Music, UNC-CH (2012–14); Chair, Dept. of Musicology, Peabody Conservatory, (2003–05)

AMS activities: Program Committee (2019–20; Chair, 2020); Planning Committee on Race, Ethnicity, and the Profession (2017); Board of Directors (2015–17); Delegate to the National Recording Preservation Board (2010–4); Council (2005–08)


Candidates for Director at Large


Associate Professor of Music History and Assistant Dean of Research, University of Western Ontario

Degrees: PhD, Harvard Univ., 2010; MSt, Univ. of Oxford, 2001; BA (Hons), Univ. of Durham, 1999

Research areas: music and politics across the Americas; the Cold War; nationalism; race and identity; trauma

Publications: The Sound of a Superpower: Musical Americanism and the Cold War (Oxford, 2018); “Musical Americanism, Cold War Consensus Culture, and the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Composers’ Exchange, 1958-60,” MQ (2014); “‘Vindication, Cleansing, Catharsis, Hope’: Interracial Reconciliation and the Dilemmas of Multiculturalism in Kay and Dorr’s Jubilee,” American Music (2013); “Shaping the Policies of Cold War Musical Diplomacy: An Epistemic Community of American Composers,” Diplomatic History (2012); “Aaron Copland and the Politics of Cultural Diplomacy,” JSAM (2011)

Awards: Western Humanitarian Award (2018); Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award (2017); Kurt Weill Article Prize (2015); Deems-Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award, ASCAP (2014); Paul A. Pisk Prize (2007)

Administrative experience: Assistant Dean of Research, Don Wright Faculty of Music (2019–); Co-Director, Western Faculty Writing Support Program (2018–); Cambridge University Press Award Committee, SAM (2016–19); Johnson Subvention Committee, SAM (2012–2015)

AMS activities: Council (2015–18)



Associate Professor of Musicology, Florida State University

Degrees: PhD, UC Davis, 2007; MA, UC Davis, 2004; MM, Mannes College of Music, 1998; BA, Pennsylvania State Univ., 1996

Research areas: 18th-century music; performance practice; sound studies; Native American and Indigenous studies; GIS and spatial humanities

Publications: Moravian Soundscapes: A Sonic History of the Moravian Missions in Early Pennsylvania (Indiana, 2020), and digital project; “Reconstructing the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mission San Luis de Talimali,” in Unearthing the Missions of Spanish Florida, ed. Peres and Marrinan (Univ. of Florida, 2020); “Singing Box 331: Mohican Language Hymns from the Moravian Archives,” (with R. Wheeler) The William and Mary Quarterly (2019), and digital project; “Mozart and the Moravians,” Early Music (2019); “Songs of the Spirit: Hymnody in the Moravian Mohican Missions,” (with R. Wheeler) The Journal of Moravian History (2017)

Awards: AMS Publication Subvention (2020); Faculty Fellowship in Data Humanities, FSU (2019–20); ACLS, Collaborative Research Fellowship (2017–18); SAM, Sight & Sound Subvention (2017); Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellowship (2005–06)

Administrative experience: President, Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (2016–19); Board of Directors, Mozart Society of America (2019–22); Board of Directors, Society for Eighteenth-Century Music (2010–15); Director, Early Music Program, FSU; General Editor, Musical Treasures from Moravian Archives, Steglein Publishing

AMS activities: Southern Chapter Representative, Council (2016–18); Council (2012–15); Council Nominating Committee (2014, 2018); Noah Greenberg Award Committee (2014–17; chair, 2017); Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (2010)



Professor of Music, University of Maryland

Degrees: PhD, Yale Univ., 2004; MA, Univ. of Michigan, 1998; BM, San Fran. Conservatory of Music, 1996

Research areas: 19th-century Germany; Hellenism; national identity

Publications: The Politics of Appropriation: German Romantic Music and the Ancient Greek Legacy (Oxford, 2014); “Converting the Pagans: Mendelssohn, Greek Tragedy, and the Christian Ethos,” in Mendelssohn Perspectives (Ashgate, 2012); “Incidental Music and the Revival of Greek Tragedy from the Italian Renaissance to German Romanticism,” in Ancient Drama in Music for the Modern Stage (Oxford, 2010); “Reinventing the Past: Mendelssohn’s Antigone and the Creation of an Ancient Greek Musical Language,” Journal of Musicology (2006)

Awards: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Michigan Chapter (2015); AMS Publication Subvention (2012); Research Fellow, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study (2008–09); Fulbright Scholar (2002–03)

Administrative experience: Director, School of Music, Univ. of Maryland (2016–present); Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Equity, and Inclusion, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Univ. of Michigan (2014–16); Executive Board Member, Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (2019–present); Executive Board Member, Rackham Graduate School, Univ. of Michigan (2013–16)

AMS activities: Council (2015–18)



Vice President of Education and Visitor Engagement, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Degrees: PhD, Stony Brook, 2011; M.A., Stony Brook, 1995; BA, Stony Brook, 1993

Research areas: Public musicology; popular music; Rock and Roll; Industrial rock; Electronic music

Publications: “Scenes from a Music Museum: The Piano Man’s Notebooks in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” (with K. Metz) in “We Didn’t Start the Fire”: Billy Joel and Popular Music Studies (Forthcoming); “Industrial Music,” Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Volume III: Genres (New York, 2017); Music Lab: We Rock! A Fun Family Guide for Exploring Rock Music History (Boston, 2015); “Perspectives of Popular Music Pedagogy in Practice: An Introduction,” (with S. Oehler) Journal of Popular Music Studies (2009); “The Land of Rape and Honey: The Use of World War Two Propaganda in the Music Videos of Ministry and Laibach,” American Music (2004)

Awards: Long Island Sound Award, presented by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2015); Stony Brook University Shirley Strum Kenny Alumni Award (2015); Gold CINDY Award, presented by the International Association of Audiovisual Communicators (2014); Center for Interactive Learning (CILC) Pinnacle Award for Distance Learning (2010, 2012, 2013, 2015)

Administrative experience: Vice President of Education and Visitor Engagement, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2016–present); Executive Producer, Rock Hall Honors (2019); Cleveland Arts Prize Academy member (2018–present); Advisory Board member, Cleveland High School for the Digital Arts (2016–present); Executive Producer, Rock Hall Music Masters Series (2008–2017)

AMS activities: Communications Committee (Ad. Hoc, 2016–present); Program advisor and organizer for the AMS and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum lecture series (2010–present); Communications Committee (2013–2016); Council (2013–2015)



Research Professor of Music, University of Huddersfield; Professor Emerita of Musica, University of Southampton

Degrees: PhD, RHBNC, Univ. of London, 1995; GRSM, ARCM, Royal College of Music, 1984

Research areas: 15th–17th-century music, especially Italy; 20th- and 21st-century Anglo-American popular music; female singers; music and disability

Publications: Women and Music in Sixteenth-Century Ferrara (CUP, 2018); “Voci pari Motets and Convent Polyphony in the 1540s: The Materna Lingua Complex,” JAMS 70:3 (2017); co-ed. (with B. Blackburn), Eroticism in Early Modern Music (Ashgate, 2015); ed., She’s So Fine: Reflections on Whiteness, Femininity, Adolescence and Class in 1960s Music (Ashgate, 2010); “White Face, Black Voice: Race, Gender, and Region in the Music of the Boswell Sisters,” JSAM 1:2 (2007)

Awards: AMS, Otto Kinkeldey Award (2019); AMS, Noah Greenberg Award (2016); Society for the Study of Early Modern Women, Best Collaborative Project Award (2016); National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement, Engage Awards (2014); ASCAP Deems Taylor Award, Best Popular Music Article (2008)

Administrative experience: Co-director, Musica Secreta (2000–present); Branch President, Southampton UCU (2017–2018); Univ. of Southampton, Faculty of Humanities, Director of Postgraduate Studies (2010–2012); Faculty of Humanities, Senior Tutor (2005–2009); Faculty of Humanities Representative, University Senate (2005–2010)

AMS activities: Ad Hoc Ethics Planning Committee (2019–present); Publications Committee (2019–present); Performance Committee (2017–2019); Committee on Women and Gender (2010-2012); Council (2006–2009)



Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, New York University

Degrees: PhD, Brandeis Univ., 2012; MFA, Brandeis Univ., 2008; BA, Hunter College, 2005; Certificate in Higher Education Administration, Northeastern Univ., 2019

Research areas: Music in television, Cold War music, music history pedagogy, 17th c. Venetian opera, immigration and musical theatre

Publications: “Using Gallery Walks for Engagement in the Music History Classroom,” Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy (2018); “Teaching Christian Chant in a Jewish Music Context,” Journal of Music History Pedagogy (2018); “Music for Murder, Machines, and Monsters: 'Moat Farm Murder,' The Twilight Zone, and the CBS Stock Music Library,” Music, Sound, and the Moving Image (2017); We Will Control All That You Hear: The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination (Pendragon Press, 2016); A Dimension of Sound: Music in The Twilight Zone (Pendragon Press, 2013)

Awards: Theodore C. Sorensen Research Fellowship, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum (2019); Wallis Annenberg Research Grant, USC Libraries Special Collections (2018); James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowship, UCLA Libraries Special Collections (2018); Sight and Sound Publication Subvention from The Society for American Music (2015); National Organization of Opera Scholarly Paper Competition Winner (2009)

Administrative experience: Faculty Development Workshop Facilitator and Developer, NYU School for Professional Studies Center for Academic Excellence and Support (2019–Present); Co-Chair, Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty Special Interest Group (SIG), POD Network (2019–2022); Committee on Contingent Workers and Independent Scholars, Society for American Music (2019–2022); Public Relations Committee, Society for American Music (2018–2021; Chair, 2020–2021)

AMS activities: Committee on Career-Related Issues (2016–2021); Chair, Subcommittee on Contingent Labor for Committee on Career-Related Issues (2017–2021); Member-at-Large to Council (2016-2019); Membership and Professional Development Committee (2008–2010); Student Representative to Council (New England Chapter, 2008–2010)

Follow this link to proceed to the ballot (sign-in required).