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How to find a member in the Directory

How to find a member in the Directory

The entire website is member-based and it's simple to find a member's listing and contact the member.

  1. You must be signed in.
  2. At the top right of each screen is a search box. Enter the name of the person you're looking for
  3. If the person has not chosen to hide info from other members, the name will show up in the results. 
  4. Click on the person's name to see more information (email, address, files, links, etc.) depending on what they have permitted to be included.

Note: The search tool doesn't provide intuitive similar results.  E.g. if you search for "Jonathan" someone and the person's name is "John," the person's name will not be included in the results. If your first attempt yields no results, try last name only, or even a truncated last name. E.g. searching for "Mandicewski" can be done with a truncated search "Mandi."