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Planning Committee on Race, Ethnicity, and the Profession


The committee, in conjunction with the Board, has provided a resource tool for members to learn more about unconscious bias.


This committee was created by the AMS Board of Directors in June 2016. Its members are George Lewis and Judy Tsou (co-chairs), Naomi André, Mark Burford, Bonnie Gordon, Mark Katz, Tammy Kernodle, Alejandro Madrid, and Steve Swayne. It was given a three-part charge.

1. The committee was to generate for the Board of Directors a strong list of ideas and concerns regarding possible new Society-wide initiatives on the subject. Among their suggestions:

  • exploring race/ethnicity-aware curricula
  • develop scholarly initiatives
  • encourage / create sessions, study groups, and panels
  • conduct research into AMS track record in supporting race/ethnicity initiatives
  • assist professional development
  • create awards or subventions for work on race and ethnicity
  • create bibliographies and other online resources
  • forge interfaces with existing AMS structures
  • examine issues of representation (discursive and numerical)

2. The committee was to organize and present a session at the Vancouver 2016 Annual Meeting. This was successfully achieved, and the well-attended meeting generated many ideas; see the Feb. 2017 AMS Newsletter for the full report.

3. Finally, the committee is to form and propose the design and structure of a permanent committee. They will finalize the committee name, explicit charge, composition, suggestions for who might serve, and suggested terms of service.

After the formation of the permanent committee (by November 2017), the planning committee’s work will be at an end, and it will disband.