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AMS Committees: FAQ

Who is on which committee?

Over three hundred members serve on committees. They’re all listed at the website on the Committees page.

How do I write to a committee?

Send an email to and identify which committee it’s to go to, and the office will forward it..

How do I volunteer for a committee?

Fill out this form to submit your offer.

How long are committee terms?

They vary, from one to four years. For specifics, visit the AMS Handbook, where terms are identified.

I’m on a committee. When does it meet? 

Nearly all committees meet at the Annual Meeting, and their meeting times remain stable from year to year. Consult last year’s program to see the committee meeting times. 

When does my committee term end?

The office sends notices to all committee members every year identifying which year of service members are in. If you can’t locate it and need to know, write to the AMS office. Nearly all committee terms run from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting.

I chair a committee. Is there an easy way to communicate with the committee members? 

The AMS website has a “Group” function that in effect gives committees their own private website. It is ideal for internal communication. see Groups in the right column under "My profile" (sign-in required)