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AMS Jobs / Fellowships / Conferences / Calls for Papers Bulletin Board

The AMS forwards job vacancy notices, fellowship announcements, conference announcements, calls for papers for conferences, contents of new journal issues, and other similar announcements to its "AMS-Announce" (or "Musicology-announce") bulletin boards.

There are three options for subscribing to AMS-Announce notices. See below.

Important things to note when preparing a post:

  • posts may be no more than 300 words in length: summarize and point to a web site for details
  • a repeat or reminder post can be sent, but it must be at least six weeks after initial post, and no "correction" posts are sent: proofread carefully!
  • make it easy for readers to quickly see what it's about: put key information (title, conference date, location, cfp deadline, web site) at the top of the post
  • no attachments are accepted; posts may contain basic html (fonts, links) but not images
  • email addresses will be emended thus: xyz -at- (to remove the @ symbol)
  • send to:
  • you should receive an acknowledgment within one business day.

See below for detailed guidelines.

This is a free service for those wishing to advertise jobs, fellowships, conferences, and other announcements. Membership in the AMS is not required, but we encourage readers to join and support AMS activities.

To have an item posted: after reading the guidelines for posts, please forward your information and request in the body of an e-mail to the AMS office. Bob Judd will forward it to the bulletin board, typically within 24 hours. Posts are sent to some 3,000 subscribers via email, and posted to the internet. Once posted, they cannot be deleted.

AMS-Announce subscription

AMS-Announce subscription is completely separate from AMS membership. There are three ways to subscribe: 

1) AMS-Announce via the University of Nebraska's email distribution list (Listserv)

This list is commercial-free and run with L-Soft Listserv software, thanks to the administrative assistance of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. See the AMS-Announce subscription page for information on how to subscribe or log in at the Listserv List Member Home at UNL.

This version of the list has the advantage of being advertising-free.

See previous posts to AMS-Announce via UNL

Posts prior to 1 May 2016 are archived at Google and Yahoo Groups (see below).

2) Musicology-announce via Google Groups

This list is hosted via Google. It has e-mail options similar to (1) above, with the advantage of an easily searchable web-based archive. It includes Google's standard advertising.

Visit the Google Groups Musicology-Announce-2 page to see previous posts at this site.

You may also subscribe to the Google musicology-announce-2 group via RSS feed.RSS

Click here to see the archived list of older announcements.

3) Musicology-announce via Yahoo Groups

This list is hosted via Yahoo. It has e-mail options as 1 and 2 above, and an easily searchable web-based archive. It includes Yahoo's standard advertising.

Visit the Yahoo Groups Musicology-Announce page to subscribe or view the archives (which date from 4/25/2001).

(For a bulletin board that focuses on conferences in musicology (chronological order), see the Music Conferences page maintained by J.P.E. Harper-Scott.)

For a listing of ongoing grants and fellowships, see the AMS Ongoing Grants and Fellowships page.

The AMS maintains a separate web page for new books in musicology.

AMS-Announce Posting Guidelines

Size of posts: Posts should be clear and short, directing interested readers to a web site for fuller information wherever possible. Posts longer than three hundred words (JOURNAL CONTENTS posts excepted) are subject to editing or rejection. Posts with nonfunctioning URL references will be rejected. (Rationale: readers tend to avoid longer posts, web sites work well for details, and short posts save bandwidth.)

Repetition of information: "Reminder" posts may be submitted no more than once for any given announcement. Reminder posts will be fewer than fifty words and will refer interested readers to a web site and the original AMS-Announce post. Reminder posts may be submitted six or more weeks after the date of the original post. (Rationale: list readers tire of repetition and the purpose of the list is undermined if too much repetition occurs.)

Frequency of announcements: Organizations may submit announcements no more than once every six weeks. Please consolidate your information into a single post wherever possible.

Conference Announcements: Each event may have one Call for Papers (CFP) with a reminder and one Conference (CONF) announcement with a reminder during a twelve-month period.

Keep the post short and to the point, and use a URL to direct readers to a web site with full information.

For the convenience of subscribers, posts are prefixed by category: CONF, CFP, JOB, FWP, ANNOUNCEMENT, JOURNAL CONTENTS at the time they are sent.

For all CONF and CFP notices, please note the preferred format:

Conference title (spell out acronyms)
     [Deadline, if CFP]
     Conference dates
     Conference web site URL
     Conference venue (institution and city)
     Posts must be no more than 300 words in total length

Please proofread your announcements carefully. It is impossible to "unsend" an email.

Topics: AMS-Announce posts should be clearly related to musicology and related subjects of more than mere local interest. Topics such as jobs in musicology, musicology-related conferences, grants, fellowships, or important musicological events are appropriate. Job postings unrelated to musicology, event announcements unlikely to be of widespread interest, and the like are not appropriate for this list.

Formatting: Posts are may be sent in "plain text" or HTML markup.

Emend all email addresses as follows: "xxx -at-", i.e. substitute " -at- " for the "@" sign.

Subject headers are regularized, e.g. for conferences: title, institution and/or city, month, year

Attachments or images are not sent to the list.

To have an item posted, please send it in the body of an e-mail (not as attachment) to the AMS office, Bob Judd will forward it to the bulletin board, typically within 24 hours. Due to the nature of the list and the volume of posts, the AMS cannot send "confirmation" posts or enter into extensive correspondence regarding posts. Those seeking to confirm postings should look in the archives (links above).

Posts are not removed from the bulletin boards once posted.

Please send your announcement in the body of an email as plain text or HTML.

Appeals to AMS-Announce Decisions. Decision appeals may be made to the AMS Communications Committee. The petitioner should explain why the announcement decision made by the AMS office staff should be overturned, and provide background correspondence in support of the appeal. The Committee on Communications, in consultation with the AMS office staff involved with the initial decision, will consider such an appeal and respond within two weeks. The decision of the Communications Committee is final.

Further information: Please contact Bob Judd at the AMS if other questions arise.