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Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Fellowship Recipients

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2019 Sheryl Man-Ying Chow, Princeton University
“The Order of Pitches: Music Theory, Science, and Western Learning in Early Qing China”
2019 Gabrielle Cornish, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
“Sounding Socialist, Sounding Modern: Music, Technology, and Everyday Life in the Soviet Union, 1956-1975”
2019 Alessandra Jones, University of California, Berkeley
“Viral Verdi: Italian Sonic Ecologies, 1848-1861”
2019 Saraswathi Shukla, University of California, Berkeley
“The Harpsichord at the Intersection of Art and Science during the Ancien Régime”
2018 Jonathan Leal, Stanford University
“Beyond the Barline: A Jazz-Shaped Record of Post-war Crossings”
2018 Hye-jung Park, Ohio State University
“Music in US-Korea Relations, 1941–1960: From Colonialism to Cold War”
2018 Jessica Peritz, University of Chicago
“The Lyric Mode of Voice: Song and Subjectivity in Italy, 1769–1815”
2018 Tommaso Sabbatini, University of Chicago
“Music, the Market, and the Marvelous: Parisian Féerie and the Emergence of Mass Culture, 1864–1900”
2017 Jacek Blaszkiewicz, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
“City Myths: Music and Urbanism in Second-Empire Paris”
2017 Peter Graff, Case Western Reserve University
“Music, Entertainment, and the Negotiation of Ethnic Identity in Cleveland’s Neighborhood Theaters, 1914-1924”
2017 Frederick Reece, Harvard University
“Ringing False: Music Analysis, Forgery, and the Technologies of Truth”
2016 Gina Bombola, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“‘Can’t Help Singing’: The ‘Modern’ Opera Diva in Hollywood Film, 1930-1950”
2016 Alexander Stalarow, University of California, Davis
“Listening to a Liberated Paris: Pierre Schaeffer Experiments with Radio”
2016 Maria Josefa Velasco, University of Chicago
“Popular Song, Revolution, and Religious Sentiment in the French Pyrenees, 1780-1850”
2015 Samuel Brannon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Writing about Music in Early Modern Print Culture: Authors, Printers, and Readers”
2015 Clare Carrasco, University of North Texas
“All Art is Under the Spell of Music: Music and Expressionism in Critical Discourse, c. 1918-1925”
2015 Brian MacGilvray, Case Western Reserve University
“From Universal Harmony to Universal Inconstancy: The Subversion of Neoplatonic Theory in Claude Le Jeune’s Octonaires de la vanité et inconstance du monde”
2015 Anne Searcy, Harvard University
“‘It was not merely success, but something furious’: Soviet and American Cold War Ballet Exchange, 1959-1962”
2014 Delia Casadei, University of Pennsylvania
“The Crowded Voice: Speech, Music, and Community in Milan, 1955–1974”
2014 Elizabeth Dister, Washington University in St. Louis
“Inspiring the Nation: French Music about Jeanne d’Arc, 1931–1945”
2014 Alexandra Grabarchuk, University of California, Los Angeles
“The Soundtrack of Stagnation: Paradoxes within Soviet Pop and Rock Music of the 1970s”
2014 Anicia Timberlake, University of California, Berkeley
“The Politics and Praxis of Children’s Music Education in the German Democratic Republic, 1949–1989”
2014 Claudio Vellutini, University of Chicago
“Cultural Engineering: Italian Opera in Restoration Vienna”
2013 Hyun Kyong Chang, University of California, Los Angeles
“Musical Encounters in Korean Protestantism: A Trans-Pacific Narrative”
2013 Emily Frey, University of California, Berkeley
“Russian Opera in the Age of Psychological Prose”
2013 Jeremy Strachan, University of Toronto
“Music, Communications, Place: Udo Kasemets and Experimentalism in 1960s Toronto”
2012 Alexandra Apolloni, University of California, Los Angeles
“Singing the Swinging Sixties: Race, Voice and Girlhood in 1960s British Pop”
2012 Mary Caldwell, University of Chicago
“Singing, Dancing, and Rejoicing in the Round: Latin Sacred Songs with Refrains in Musical, Ritual, and Liturgical Perspective, circa 1000-1582”
2012 Elissa Harbert, Northwestern University
“Remembering the Revolution: Music in Stage and Screen Representations of Early America during the Bicentennial Years”
2011 Andrea Bohlman, Harvard University
“Music and Activism in Poland, 1978-1990”
2011 Sean Curran, University of California at Berkeley
“Vernacular Piety, Polytextual Polyphony, and the Motets of the ‘La Clayette’ Manuscript”
2011 Chantal Frankenbach, University of California at Davis
“Disdain for Dance, Disdain for France: Choreophobia in Musical Modernism”
2011 Jessica Schwartz, New York University
“Resonances of the Atomic Age: Hearing the Nuclear Legacy in the United States and the Marshall Islands, 1945 – 2010”
2011 Beverly Wilcox, University of California at Davis
“The Music Libraries of the Concert Spirituel: Canons, Repertoires, and Bricolage in Eighteenth-Century Paris”
2011 Emily Zazulia, University of Pennsylvania
“Verbal Canons and Notational Complexity in Fifteenth-Century Music”
2010 Alison Altstatt, University of Oregon
“The Music and Liturgy of Kloster Preetz: Ritual Practice in a North German Benedictine Women’s Community, 1350-1550”
2010 Ryan Bañagale, Harvard University
“Rhapsodies in Blue: Alternative Interpretations of an Iconic American ‘Composition’”
2010 Elizabeth Mellon, University of Pennsylvania
“Inscribing Sound: Medieval Remakings of Boethius’s De institutione musica
2010 Tes Slominski, New York University
“Music, Gender, and the Public Sphere in 20th-Century Ireland”
2009 Corbett Bazler, Columbia University
“The Comedies of Opera Seria: Handel’s Post-Academy Operas, 1738­–1744”
2009 Martin Nedbal, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
“Morals across the Footlights: German Opera, National Identity, and the Aesthetics of Morality, 1770–1820”
2009 Andrew Oster, Princeton University
“Radio, Rubble, and Reconstruction: The Genre of Funkoper in Postwar West Germany”
2009 Anna Zayaruznaya, Harvard University
“Form and Idea in the Fourteenth Century Motet”
2008 Esther Criscuola de Laix, University of California at Berkeley
"Cultures of Music Print in Hamburg, ca. 1550-1630"
2008 Karen Hiles, Columbia University
"Haydn's Heroic Decades: Music, Politics, and War, 1795-1809"
2008 Arman Schwartz, University of California at Berkeley
"Modernity Sings: Rethinking Realism in Italian Opera"
2008 Daniil Zavlunov, Princeton University
"M. I. Glinka's A Life for the Tsar (1836): An Historical and Analytic-Theoretical Study"
2007 Michael Alan Anderson, University of Chicago
"Symbolizing the Saints: Theology, Ritual, and Kinship in Music for John the Baptist and St. Anne (1175-1520)"
2007 Brigid Cohen, Harvard University
"Migrant Cosmopolitan Modern: Cultural Reconstruction in Stefan Wolpe's Musical Thought"
2007 Nikos Pappas, University of Kentucky
"Patterns in the Sacred Musical Culture of the American South and West (1760-1860)"
2007 Noel Verzosa, University of California at Berkeley
"The Absolute Limits: Debussy, Satie, and the Culture of French Modernism, ca. 1860-1920"
2006 Todd R. Decker, University of Michigan
"Black/White Encounters on the American Musical Stage and Screen, 1924-2005"
2006 Margaret Martin, Stony Brook University
"Cultivating the Vernacular: Bang on a Can and the New American Avant-Garde"
2006 Lisa Musca, UCLA
"The Piano Fragment and the Decomposing of the Musical Subject from the Romantic to the Postmodern"
2006 Jesse Rodin, Harvard University
"Josquin and the Polyphonic Mass in the Sistine Chapel"
2006 Marisa Biaggi, Princeton University
"Ogni amante è guerrier: Monteverdi and the War of Love in Early Modern Italy"
2005 Emily Iuliano Dolan, Cornell University
"The Idea of Timbre in the Age of Haydn"
2005 David C. Paul, University of California at Berkeley
"Converging Paths to Canonicity: Charles Ives, Gustav Mahler, and American Culture"
2005 Benjamin Adam Steege, Harvard University
"Material Ears: Hermann von Helmholtz, Attention, and the Modernization of Aurality"
2004 S. Andrew Granade, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"'I Was a Bum Once Myself': The Dust Bowl and Harry Partch in the American Imagination"
2004 Yossi Maurey, University of Chicago
"Music and Ceremony in Saint-Martin of Tours, 1205-1500"
2004 Kiri Miller, Harvard University
"A Long Time Traveling: Song, Memory, and the Politics of Nostalgia in the Sacred Harp Diaspora"
2004 Heather Wiebe, University of California at Berkeley
"Rituals of a Lost Faith: Britten and the Culture of Postwar Reconstruction."
2003 Melina Esse, University of California at Berkeley
"Sospirare, Tremare, Piangere: Conventions of the Body in Italian Opera, 1810-60"
2003 Charles Hiroshi Garrett, University of California at Los Angeles
"Struggling to Define a Nation: Reconstructing American Music in the Twentieth Century"
2003 Roger Moseley, University of California at Berkeley
"Brahms's Shadows: History and the Disciplining of Musical Identity"
2003 Scott Paulin, Princeton University
"On the Chaplinesque in Music: Studies in the Musical Reception of Charlie Chaplin, 1915-55."
2002 Patrick Burke, University of Wisconsin
"Jazz and Race on Manhattan's 52nd Street, 1930-50"
2002 Julie McQuinn, Northwestern University
"Unofficial Discourses of Gender and Sexuality at the Opéra-Comique during the Belle Epoque"
2002 Pierpaolo Polzonetti, Cornell University
"Opera Buffa and the American Revolution (1768-88)"
2002 Holly Watkins, University of California at Berkeley
"The Concept of Depth in German Musical Thought, 1800-1950"
2001 Joanna Demers, Princeton University
"Sampling as Lineage in Hip-hop"
2001 Matthew Gelbart, University of California at Berkeley
"Scotland and the Emergence of 'Folk' Music and 'Art' Music in Europe, 1720-1850"
2001 Nalini Ghuman Gwynne, University of California at Berkeley
"India in the English Musical Imagination c. 1890-1940"
2001 Olga Haldey, Ohio State University
"Savva Mamontov and the Moscow Private Opera: from Realism to Modernism on the Russian Operatic Stage"
2001 Sherry D. Lee, University of British Columbia
"Opera, Narrative, and the Modernist Crisis of Historical Subjectivity"
2001 Stephanie Tcharos, Princeton University
"Music and Drama Beyond the Boundaries of Opera: Performance and Reception of the Roman Oratorio, Cantata, and Serenata, 1675-1710"
2000 Beth Levy, University of California at Berkeley
"American Music and the Mythology of the American West, 1895-1945"
2000 Susan Lewis, Princeton University
"Collecting Italia Abroad: Anthologies of Italian Madrigals in the Print World of Northern Europe"
2000 Rebecca Maloy, University of Cincinnati
"The Offertory Chant: Aspects of Chronology and Transmission"
2000 Ivan Raykoff, University of California at San Diego
"Mythologies of the 'Romantic' Pianist in 20th-Century Popular Culture"
2000 Elizabeth Wells, Eastman School of Music
"West Side Story(s): Perspectives on a Great American Musical"
1999 Lisa Barg, State University of New York, Stony Brook
"National Voices/Modernist Histories: Race, Performance, and Remembrance in American Music, 1927-1943"
1999 Elizabeth Bergman Crist, Yale University
"Aaron Copland's Third Symphony (1944-46): Composition, Context, and Consequence"
1999 Giuseppe Gerbino, Duke University
"Orpheus in Arcadia: The Creation of Pastoral Mode in the Sixteenth-Century Madrigal"
1999 Barbara Milewski, Princeton University
"The Mazurka and National Imaginings"
1999 Martin Scherzinger, Columbia University
"Musical Formalism as Radical Political Critique: From German Modernism to African Spirit Possession"
1999 Anya Suschitzsky, University of California at Berkeley
"The Nation on Stage: Wagner and French Opera at the End of the Nineteenth Century"
1998 Theo Cateforis, State University of New York, Stony Brook
"Exploding Genres: Stylistic Pluralism in New Wave Rock"
1998 Danielle Fosler-Lussier, University of California at Berkeley
"The Transition to Communism and the Legacy of Bela Bartok in Hungary, 1948-1955"
1998 Dana Gooley, Princeton University
"Liszt and his Audiences, 1820-1847: Virtuosity, Criticism and Society in the Virtuosenzeit"
1998 Beth Anne Lee-De Amici, University of Pennsylvania
"Ad Sustentacionem Fidei Christiani: Sacred Music and Ceremony in Medieval Oxford"
1998 Klara Moricz, University of California at Berkeley
"Jewish Nationalism in Art Music as Propagated by the Russian Jews and Practiced by Ernest Bloch and Arnold Schoenberg"
1998 Rebecca Wagner Oettinger, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Music as Popular Propaganda in the German Reformation"
1998 Emanuele Senici, Cornell University
"Alpine Virgins: Essays on Nineteenth-Century Opera Semiseria"
1998 Rose Theresa, University of Pennsylvania
"Spectacles of Enchantment: Experiencing Opera in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris"
1997 Maribeth Clark, University of Pennsylvania
"Understanding French Grand Opera through Dance"
1997 Bernardo Illari, University of Chicago
"Cathedral Music at Chuquisaca, Bolivia, 1700-1800"
1997 Gillian Rodger, University of Pittsburgh
"Male Impersonation on the American Variety and Vaudeville Stage, 1868-1930"
1997 Leslie Sprout, University of California at Berkeley
"New Music and State Support for the Arts in France, 1938-1945"
1997 Marica Tacconi, Yale University
"Liturgy and Chant at Santa Maria del Fiore, Cathedral of Florence: A Survey of the Pre-Tridentine Sources (11th-16th Centuries)"
1996 Todd Borgerding, University of Michigan
"The Motet and the Expression of Spanish Religiosity, 1500-1610"
1996 Mary Davis, Harvard University
"Esprits gaulois: Erik Satie's Sports et divertissements in Context"
1996 Susan Boynton, Brandeis University
"Glossed Hymns in Eleventh-Century Continental Hymnaries"
1996 Simon Morrison, Princeton University
"Russian Opera and Symbolist Poetics"
1996 David Schneider, University of California at Berkeley
"Expressions in the Time of Objectivity: Nationality and Modernity in Five Concertos by Béla Bartók"
1996 Albin Zak, City University of New York
"The Poetics of Rock Composition: Multitrack Recording as Compositional Practice"
1995 Gregory Barnett, Princeton University
"Defining a Musical Culture of the Late Seicento: The Bolognese Instrumental Repertoire"
1995 Geoffrey Burgess, Cornell University
"Ritual in the tragédie en musique from Lully's Cadmus et Hermione (1673) to Rameau's Zoroastre (1749)"
1995 Nancy Guy, University of Pittsburgh
"Peking Opera and Politics in Post-1949 Taiwan"
1995 Heather Hadlock, Princeton University
"Romantic Visions of Women and Music: From Hoffmann's Tales to Les contes d'Hoffmann"
1995 John Andrew Johnson, Harvard University
"Gershwin's 'American Folk opera': The Genesis, Style, and Reputation of Porgy and Bess (1935)"
1995 Stefano Mengozzi, University of Chicago
"Between Humanistic Ideals and Scientific Thought in Glarean's Dodecachordon
1994 Arved Ashby, Yale University
"The Development of Berg's Twelve-Tone Aesthetic as Seen in the Lyric Suite and Its Sources"
1994 Stefano Castelvecchi, University of Chicago
"On the 'Third Genre' in Italian Opera c. 1760-1810"
1994 John Clevenger, University of Rochester
"The Origins of Debussy's Style"
1994 Gayle Clark Kirkwood, University of Pittsburgh
"Johannes Ockeghem and Jean Charlier de Gerson: Music, Intellect and Devotion in Fifteenth-Century Tours"
1994 Benjamin Korstvedt, University of Pennsylvania
"The First Edition of Anton Bruckner's Fourth Symphony: Authorship, Production, and Reception"
1993 Daniel Beller-McKenna, Harvard University
"Brahms, the Bible and Post Romanticism: Cultural Issues in Johannes Brahms's Later Settings of Biblical Texts, 1877-1896"
1993 Wendy Heller, Brandeis University
"Heroism and Allure: Women in the Opera of Seventeenth-Century Venice"
1993 Berthold Hoeckner, Cornell University
"Music as a Metaphor for Metaphysics"
1993 Peter Hoyt, University of Pennsylvania
"The 'False Recapitulation' and the Conventions of Sonata Form"
1993 Joseph Lubben, Brandeis University
"Analytic Process in Schenker's Der Tonwille"
1993 Mary Ann Smart, Cornell University
"Representations of Madness in Early Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera"
1992 Dexter Edge, University of Southern California
"The Concerto in Vienna 1740-1791: Aspects of Genre, Form, Performance and Repertoire"
1992 Edmund Goehring, Columbia University
"The Comic Vision of Così fan tutte: Literary and Operatic Traditions"
1992 Anne MacNeil, University of Chicago
"Music and the Life and Work of Isabella Andreini: Humanistic Attitutdes Toward Music, Literature and Theater in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries"
1992 Alison Terbell, Princeton University
"Arrigo Boito's Mefistofele: Music, Poetry and Revisions"
1992 Richard Will, Cornell University
"Programmatic and Titled Symphonies, 1750-1815: A Study of Musical Representation in the Classical Symphony"
1991 David Cannata, New York University
"The Stylistic Origins of the Late Symphonic Music of Sergei Rachmaninoff"
1991 Robert Fink, University of California at Berkeley
"Transformation of Musical Energy: Linear Structures and Musical Desire"
1991 Robert Grimes, University of Pittsburgh
"How Shall We Sing in a Foreign Land? Music of Catholic Immigrants in the Ante-Bellum United States"
1991 Elizabeth Hudson, Cornell University
"Musical Dramaturgy in Verdi: Narrative Texts vs. Dramatic Process"
1991 Kristin Knittel, Princeton University
"From Chaos to History: The Reception of Beethoven's Late Quartets"
1991 Bruce Mcclung, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
"Kurt Weill's Lady in the Dark"
1990 Susan Jackson, City University of New York
"Music Printing in 16th-Century Nuremberg: The Firm of Berg (Montanus) and Neuber"
1990 Ray Komow, Brandeis University
"The Genesis and Tone of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg"
1990 Michael Schiano, Brandeis University
"Arnold Schoenberg's Grundgestalt and Its Influence"
1990 Amy Stillman, Harvard University
"Himene Tahiti: Ethnoscientific and Ethno-historical Perspectives on Protestant Hymnody and Choral Singing in the Society Islands, French Polynesia"
1990 Alicyn Warren, Princeton University
"Levels of Reality in Dramatic Music"
1989 Thomas Brothers, University of California at Berkeley
"Selected Topics in French Music of the Fifteenth Century with Emphasis on Historical Antecedents and Issues of Musical Analysis"
1989 Bridget Conrad, City University of New York
"Sacred Dimensions: Time and Space in Selected Works of André Jolivet and Olivier Messiaen"
1989 Steven Saunders, University of Pittsburgh
"Sacred Music at the Imperial Court of Ferdinand II: The Latin Vocal Works of Giovanni Priuli and Giovanni Valentini"
1988 Steven Krantz, University of Minnesota
"Rhetorical and Structural Functions of Mode in the Motets of Josquin des Prez"
1988 Thomas Sipe, University of Pennsylvania
"Interpreting Beethoven: History, Aesthetics, and the Critical Reception of the Eroica Symphony, the 'Appassionata' sonata, and the C-Major 'Razumovsky' Quartet"
1987 Donald McLean, University of Toronto
"Alban Berg's Drei Orchesterstuecke, Op. 6"
1987 James Pritchett, New York University
"The Development of Chance Technique in the Music of John Cage, 1950-1961"
1986 David Gramit, Duke University
"The Intellectual and Aesthetic Tenets of Franz Schubert's Circle: Their Development and Their Influence on his Music"