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Ruth A. Solie Award Winners

This award was first presented in 2007. It recognizes a collection of musicological essays of exceptional merit published during the preceding calendar year in any language and in any country and edited by a scholar or scholars who are members of the AMS or citizens or permanent residents of Canada or the United States. See the complete award guidelines for further information.


2018 Severine Neff, Maureen Carr, and Gretchen Horlacher eds.
The Rite of Spring at 100 (Indiana University Press, 2017; ISBN 978-0253024206)
2017 Philip Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino, eds.
Jazz Worlds / World Jazz (University of Chicago Press, 2016; ISBN 978-0226236032)
2016 Susan Boynton and Diane Reilly, eds.
Resounding Images: Medieval Intersections of Art, Music, and Sound (Brepols, 2015; ISBN 978-2503554372)
2015 Tina Frühauf and Lily E. Hirsch, eds.
Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music, and Postwar German Culture (Oxford University Press, 2014; ISBN 978-0199367481)
2014 Beate Kutschke and Barley Norton, eds.
Music and Protest in 1968 (Cambridge University Press, 2013; ISBN 978-1107504318)
2013 John Spitzer, ed.
American Orchestras in the Nineteenth Century (University of Chicago Press, 2012; ISBN 978-0226769769)
2012 Alejandro Madrid, ed.
Transnational Encounters: Music and Performance at the U.S.-Mexico Border (Oxford University Press, 2011; ISBN 978-019973593X)
2011 Amanda Bayley
Recorded Music: Performance, Culture and Technology (Cambridge University Press, 2010; ISBN 978-0521863094)
2010 Annegret Fauser and Mark Everist
Music, Theatre, and Cultural Transfer: Paris, 1830-1914 (University of Chicago Press, 2009)
2009 Tom Beghin and Sander M. Goldberg
Haydn and the Performance of Rhetoric (University of Chicago Press, 2008)
2008 Julie Brown
Western Music and Race (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007)
2007 Martha Feldman & Bonnie Gordon
The Courtesan's Arts: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Oxford University Press, 2006)