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Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) publishes a comprehensive bibliography of writings about music serving the global music research community. RILM abstracts of music literature includes more than 750,000 records in 241 languages from 159 countries. It covers over 700 journals comprehensively and 10,000 selectively, as well as books, dissertations, reviews, conference proceedings, e-publications, and all other document types from 1967 to the present. RILM retrospective abstracts of music literature, which comprises records for publications from before 1967, contains over 20,000 entries covering all document types. Both databases are updated monthly. RILM's International Center is housed at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City.

The American Musicological Society supports RILM-U.S.'s work assembling materials pertaining to music research that are published in the U.S.A. Through a generous bequest from the estate of Lenore Coral, the AMS maintains the Lenore Coral /RILM Endowment, which supports the work of RILM-U.S. If you use RILM and wish to see its work continue, your contributions are encouraged!

RILM strongly encourages authors to review their publication listings in the database, create new records, and revise existing records. RILM records are viewed 184,000 times per week in libraries around the world. Through, and following the link for "submissions by individuals," authors can interact directly with the database.

An author search lists all entries by the searched author in reverse chronological order, providing a synoptic view of publication history. By opening each record, authors can view the contents and add or revise as they see fit. It is also possible to attach new reviews to records, and to add second abstracts in other languages. Authors are especially encouraged to create new records.

All submissions for U.S. publications are tracked, reviewed, and edited by the RILM-U.S. Office. Author assistance frees the RILM-U.S. office to seek out additional scholarly publications to include in RILM.

See the RILM web site for full details about RILM and its work. Questions may be directed to

RILM-U.S. is housed at Cornell University, under the direction of Music Librarian Bonna J. Boettcher.

The American Musicological Society's Delegate to the RILM-U.S. Governing Board is Jessie Ann Owens.