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AMS/SMT Virtual 2020

AMS 2020 Annual Meeting
7–8 and 14–15 November 2020


The American Musicological Society (AMS) is holding its 86th Annual Meeting in 2020 jointly with the Society for Music Theory (SMT). Founded in 1934, AMS is a non-profit organization committed to advancing "research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship." The 2020 AMS Annual Meeting, which will be held virtually, is a forum for the exploration of music and musicology and is made possible by the support and voluntary service of AMS committee members on the Committee on the Annual Meeting, Program Committee, Performance Committee, and Local Arrangements Committee.

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Registration FAQs

The American Musicological Conference (AMS) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT) will meet 7-8 and 14-15 November 2020, beginning at 10:00am CT each day. Sessions, meetings, and events will start on the hour.
Yes. It was conceived and developed as a joint meeting through collaboration between AMS and SMT. There are many joint events scheduled, and the joint exhibit hall will be open to all meeting attendees. Registration rates also reflect partnership, as those who register for both AMS and SMT events through 3 November 2020 will receive a $15 discount.
No. If you wish to register for both events, please use the registration form for the society for which you are a member. You will have the option of purchasing an "Add-on" to register for the other society's event at a discount price, available through 3 November 2020. Non-member fees are also available for those who wish to attend but are not members of either society.
The preliminary schedule is available here.
Early registration rates will be in effect from 1 August through 1 October 2020. Regular registration rates will go into effect 2 October. Attendees have the option to register for AMS, SMT, or for both. Those wishing to register for both AMS and SMT will enjoy a $15 discount, available through 3 November 2020. See the registration rate tables below.

AMS-only Registration Rates

Rate Category
(by 10/1/2020)
(10/2/2020 – 11/15/2020)
AMS Members Student/retired/low-income $55.00 $70.00
Standard $105.00 $145.00
Non-Members Student/retired/low-income $95.00 $145.00
Standard $155.00 $235.00

SMT Add-on Registration Rates

Rate Category
(by 10/1/2020)
(10/2/2020 – 11/3/2020)
AMS Members Student/retired/low-income $10.00 $40.00
Standard $40.00 $70.00
Non-Members Student/retired/low-income $60.00 $85.00
Standard $150.00 $185.00
No. Registering just for AMS or SMT will only give you access to that society's platform and events, as well as to any joint sessions, meetings, and exhibits. For unlimited access, you must register with both organizations.
No. AMS presenters need only register for AMS events, though they may choose to also register for SMT events.
Yes, you can register groups of 15 or more students for the Annual Meeting here.
No. Groups of 15 or more graduate students qualify for the group registration rate, regardless of institutional


Conference FAQs

Sponsors, exhibitors, and networking/social event organizers will gain access to the virtual event platform in the 2nd week of October to begin building their virtual experience.

Attendees and participants will gain access to the virtual event platform in the last week of October to begin viewing presentation videos and other materials.
For more information about the exhibitor booth experience, please refer to Pathable's Configuration and Overview resources.
Attendees will be given access to the virtual event platform in the last week of October to begin viewing presentation videos and other materials in advance of scheduled sessions. Attendees should come prepared to scheduled sessions on the program, as this time will be used to engage in live Q&A with session presenters, participate in live workshops, etc.
It depends. Most presentations will be pre-recorded and available in advance of a scheduled, live Q&A. Presenters should refer here for upload guidelines and information on how to create a presentation. Certain special sessions, like workshops, lectures, plenaries, award presentations, and business meetings, will be conducted or screened live.
Yes. The virtual meeting will feature the full range of traditional session types, including poster sessions.
Yes. Presenters must register by 8 October and upload materials by 15 October. Upload materials here.
The availability of presentations after the conference will be subject to author approval.
Yes. There will be many opportunities to network, socialize, and connect with colleagues and friends. There will also be tools to help you introduce yourself to new colleagues and arrange one-on-one meetups. Institutions that are interested in hosting events may do so here.
Yes, only current AMS members may volunteer to serve as meeting volunteers and receive a waiver of the registration fee.
Yes. AMS volunteers will have registration fees waived for both AMS and SMT events.
Yes, we will have a virtual exhibit hall available to all who register for either (or both) the AMS and SMT conferences. The Exhibit Hall will be hosted on the AMS platform and will include a range of features to encourage interaction between attendees and exhibitors. Vendors can reserve their exhibit booth here.
Absolutely. There will be a publicly downloadable PDF program, as well as searchable digital program available to all registrants. The preliminary program schedule is available here.

View packages for exhibitors, advertisers, and networking event organizers.

View packages for sponsors.


Calls for Proposals and Performances

New for 2020: revised selection procedure

Call for Proposals: deadline 18 February 2020

Call for Performances: deadline 18 February 2020

Committee / Study Group Proposals: deadline 16 March 2020

Call for Seminar Topic proposals: deadline 1 October 2019

Seminar FAQs