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Lewis Lockwood Award Winners

This award was first presented in 2005. It recognizes an outstanding book on a musicological subject published in the previous year by a scholar in the earlier states of her or his career. See the complete award guidelines for further information.


2018 Seth Brodsky
From 1989, or European Music and the Modernist Unconscious (University of California Press, 2017; ISBN 978-0520279360)
2017 Thomas Patteson
Instruments for New Music (University of California Press, 2016; ISBN 978-0520288027)
2016 Amy Lynn Wlodarski
Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation (Cambridge University Press, 2015; ISBN 978-1316337400)
2015 Andy Fry
Paris Blues: African American Music and French Popular Culture, 1920-1960 (University of Chicago Press, 2014; ISBN 978-0226138817)
2014 David Trippett
Wagner's Melodies: Aesthetics and Materialism in German Musical Identity (Cambridge University Press, 2013; ISBN 978-1107014305)
2013 Brigid Cohen
Stefan Wolpe and the Avant-Garde Diaspora (Cambridge University Press, 2012; ISBN 978-1107003002)
2012 Pierpaolo Polzonetti
Italian Opera in the Age of the American Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2011; ISBN 978-0521897084)
2011 Gundula Kreuzer
Verdi and the Germans: From Unification to the Third Reich (Cambridge University Press, 2010; ISBN 978-0521519199)
2010 Giuseppe Gerbino
Music and the Myth of Arcadia in Renaissance Italy (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
2009 Vanessa Agnew
Enlightenment Orpheus: The Power of Music in Other Worlds (Oxford University Press, 2008)
2008 Alexandra Wilson
The Puccini Problem: Opera, Nationalism, and Modernity (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007)
2007 Susan Boynton
Shaping a Monastic Identity: Liturgy and History at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, 1000–1125 (Cornell University Press, 2006)
2006 Kate van Orden
Music, Discipline, and Arms in Early Modern France (University of Chicago Press, 2005)
2006 Finalist: James K. Wright
Schoenberg, Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle (Peter Lang, 2005)
2005 Marc Perlman
Unplayed Melodies: Javanese Gamelan and the Genesis of Music Theory (University of California Press, 2004)