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Janet Levy Fund for Independent Scholars: Recipients

This grant was inaugurated in 2005 to support professional travel and research expenses for independent scholars who are members of the American Musicological Society. See the award guidelines for full details.



Eric Lubarsky
for research on his book Reviving Early Music and Making History Come Alive.


Georg Burgstaller
to support the project "The Reception of Britten’s Peter Grimes in Post-War Austria, 1947"
Cindy Bylander
to support the project "Polish Composition 1945-1955: From Commission to Performance"
2016 Joanna Hunt
to support participation in the Seventeenth Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music, summer 2016
Kendra Preston Leonard
to support the project ""Music for the Cinematic Supernatural in the Era of Spiritualism"
2015 Paul Christiansen
to support the project "Orchestrating Public Opinion: How Music Works in Television Political Ads for U.S. Presidential Campaigns"
Lily Hirsch
to support the project "Her Way in Music: Anneliese Landau’s Musical Journey from Weimar Germany and Hitler’s Reich to Émigré California"
2014 Elinor Frey
to support the project "Integrating the Violoncello Music of Angelo Maria Fioré with Early Performance Practice"
Harvey Sachs
to support research in Buenos Aires for his biography of Arturo Toxcanini
2013 Sheryl Kaskowitz
for work on the book project tentatively titled “A Collective Songprint: Communal Singing in American Culture”
2012 Byron Avior
for the book project “Schoenberg’s Writings on Aesthetics and Interpretation in Performance”
Albrecht Gaub
for travel to Rome to present research at the meeting of the International Musicological Society.
2011 Beth Glixon
“Vittoria Tarquini and Italian Opera at the Turn of the 18th Century”
David Patterson
“A Sympathetic Friend: Frank Lloyd Wright and Musical Practice in American Architecture”
Kara Gardner
for travel to Washington D.C. to work on the book project “Agnes de Mille on Broadway”
2010 Janie Cole
travel to South Africa for the project "Music and Anti-Apartheid in South Africa: Nelson Mandela and Robben Island"
Claudia Jensen
Purchasing microfilms of sources of late seventeenth-century Russian music and theater
Tina Fruehauf
travel to Germany for the book Project: "Music in the Jewish Community in Germany, 1945–1989"
2009 Ronit Seter
travel to Israel for the project “Nationalism, Orientalism, and Folklorism in Jewish-Israeli Art Music, 1940-2000”
2008 Bonny Miller
travel to Belgium for the project “Database of British ‘Magazine Music’ in the Eighteenth-Century Popular Press”
Robert Nosow
Travel to Ghent for the project "Succentors and Choirboys in the Churches of Bruges and Ghent, 1475-1525"
2007 Peter Poulos
Travel funds to deliver papers at meetings of the Italian Musicological Society and the Renaissance Society of America
Vera Deak
Travel to Budapest to work on an edition of the complete source catalogue of Bartók's folksong settings
Kara Gardner
Travel to New York to do research on "Agnes De Mille on Broadway"
2006 Jenny Doctor
Travel to the AMS meeting to present her paper, "The Politics of Entertainment: Allied Music in the Proms"
Colleen R. Baade
Nuns' music and nun musicians in early modern Toledo
2005 Melania Bucciarelli
Work for Vivaldi and Opera in Venice, 1700-1740