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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 26 [Section II.C.3.d]: [Committees—cont.] Other Committees, cont. — Committee on Membership and Professional Development, cont.

      1. Committee on Women and Gender
      2. By-Law definition: [n. a.] Coordination with Committee on Membership and Professional Development.

        Charge: To advance the status and representation of women in the Society and in the discipline at large; also, to make recommendations for relevant action to the Board.

        Guidelines: For detailed mission statement, see: The chair must present a proposal to the President and Board for any action to be initiated by the CWG beyond the yearly open meetings. The chair should print out any significant email correspondence as part of the keeping of records.

        Constitution: rotation of members. Unspecified number of members [currently nine], including one student member, serving three-year overlapping terms; the chair stays on for five years: one training year, three years as chair, and one year to help the new chair.

        Timetable: In addition to a private meeting during the Annual Meeting, the committee regularly reports on relevant matters in at least one issue of the Newsletter yearly, and sponsors open forums, round-tables, and the like at Annual Meetings.

        Other Concerns. For further details on the committee, including reports and minutes of past meetings, see:

        (The Committee's name was changed from "Committee on the Status of Women" to "Committee on Women and Gender" in 2010.)

        Travel reimbursement: [n. a.]

      3. Graduate Education Committee
      4. By-Law definition: [n. a.] Coordination with Committee on Membership and Professional Development.

        Charge: To serve as a liaison between the AMS and representatives of institutions with graduate programs in musicology; to foster communication among programs and to provide guidance as to the role the AMS can play in graduate education.

        Guidelines: The Steering Committee convenes for a breakfast meeting held during the Annual Meeting and prior to the open breakfast meeting for Directors of Graduate Studies/Musicology Liaisons to Graduate Programs typically held on Sunday morning. Other business throughout the year is handled by e-mail.

        Constitution: The Steering Committee consists of two co-chairs appointed to overlapping two-year terms plus an additional six committee members appointed to overlapping three-year terms.

        Timetable: [n.a.]

        Other Concerns: The steering committee membership should reflect geographical diversity as well as the range and variety of graduate-degree granting institutions. There are food costs associated with the breakfast meetings sponsored by this committee. For further details, see

        Travel reimbursement: [n.a.]