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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 23 [Section II.C.3]: [Committees—cont.] Other Committees, cont.

    1. Committee on the History of the Society
    2. By-Law definition: [n. a.]

      Charge: To document the development of musicology in the United States and Canada, sponsor a project on the oral history of the AMS, and serve as an advisory body for the AMS archive.

      Guidelines: [TBD]

      Constitution: rotation of members. About 15 committee members, representative of AMS chapters if possible, serving overlapping three-year terms. The chair’s term is three years, renewable. The chairmanship of this committee alternates between AMS and MLA. The term of office for the chair is three years.

      Timetable: The committee normally meets annually, during the Annual Meeting.

      Other Concerns: The AMS archive, located at the University of Pennsylvania, has never been catalogued.

      Travel reimbursement: [n. a.]

    3. Committee on Membership and Professional Development
    4. By-Law definition: [n. a.]

      Charge: Develop programs and resources appropriate to the various segments of the Society at all stages of members’ careers; gather information in order to respond to needs of various segments of its membership; serve as an umbrella organization for committees that currently address issues of certain membership groups; monitor and address the effects of professional, economic, and demographic changes on the composition of the Society’s membership; explore mentoring initiatives for multiple constituencies.

      Guidelines: The first program developed by this committee is the AMS Professional Development Travel Grant, which offers up to $500 to ten scholars and now to students [the latter a pilot program] without institutional funding to attend the Annual Meeting. Grants will be given to those who are giving papers, chairing sessions, or attending committee meetings. Priority will be given to non-affiliated scholars and those with institutional appointments but not financial support for conference travel. See also

      Constitution: The committee shall normally consist of thirteen members, including the chair, at least one representative from the AMS Board of Directors, one representative from each of the AMS committees concerned with the needs of specific membership groups (Committee on Career-Related Issues, Committee on Cultural Diversity, Committee on Women and Gender, Graduate Education Committee), at least one AMS Council member, the AMS Council Secretary (ex officio), two student members, and three additional appointed members. The chair and other appointed members serve overlapping three-year terms; the two student members, who should be selected from the membership of the Student Representatives to Council, serve overlapping two-year terms. Other members serve under the terms of their respective committees.


      1. Travel Grant program. The travel grant application deadline is prior to the Annual Meeting and after the Council elections. Notification to travel grant applicants will be made no later than 60 days before the Annual Meeting.

      Other Concerns: The committee maintains a prioritized list of projects. Subcommittees work on specific projects in consultation with the chair of the committee.

      Travel reimbursement: [TBD]