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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 14 [Section II.C.1]: [Committees Established by the Board, cont.]

    1. Board Committee on Communications
    2. By-Law definition: [n. a.]

      Charge: Oversee internal and external communicative functions of the Society including the AMS Newsletter, AMS-L, AMS Web pages, Musicology Now (the AMS blog), and the Committee on Obituaries; consider the public image of the AMS in North American media, academia, and public life; recommend and implement, on the approval of the Board, such actions as seem appropriate to the maintenance or development of that image, and to ensure that it is consistent with the breadth of AMS scholarship and the diversity of its membership; review ties between the AMS and other scholarly societies, in view of fostering their appropriate development.

      Guidelines: TBD

      Constitution: rotation of members. Up to fifteen members. These include two Directors-at large (one newly elected member each year), three members-at-large, and two student representatives. They also include eight ex-officio members: Editor of the AMS Newsletter, Editor of Musicology Now, the Assistant Moderator of the AMS-L Moderating Team, and a representative of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as the President, Executive Director, Secretary, and Council Secretary. The chair is a Board Director-at-large.

      Timetable: TBD

      Other Concerns: TBD

      Travel reimbursement: TBD

      1. AMS Newsletter
        See Handbook: I.F.2.d.

      2. AMS Web site
        Managed by the AMS office

      3. Committee on Obituaries
      4. By-Law definition: [n.a.]

        Charge: Evaluate and oversee the AMS Policy on Obituaries.

        Guidelines: AMS Policy on Obituaries: The following revised policy on discursive obituaries in the AMS Newsletter was approved by the Board of Directors in 2002:

        1. The Society wishes to recognize the accomplishments of members who have died by printing obituaries in the Newsletter.
        2. Obituaries will normally not exceed 400 words and will focus on music-related activities such as teaching, research, publications, grants, and service to the Society.
        3. The Society requests that colleagues, friends, or family of a deceased member who wish to see him or her recognized by an obituary communicate that desire to the Editor of the Newsletter. The Editor, in consultation with the advisory committee named below, will select the author of the obituary and edit the text for publication.
        4. A committee has been appointed to oversee and evaluate this policy, to commission or write additional obituaries as necessary, and to report to the Board of Directors. The committee comprises the Executive Director, who serves as chair, the Council Secretary, and one other member.

        Constitution: rotation of members. Three members, as per (iv) above. The member “at large” rotates every three years.

        Timetable: The committee reviews suggestions as they come in and responds as quickly as convenient, usually coming to conclusion within a week or so. The Newsletter editor is responsible for getting the obituary into the issue.

        Other Concerns: TBD

        Travel reimbursement: [n.a.]

    3. Committee on Membership and Professional Development
    4. Note: This committee was established by the Board and was originally chaired by a Board member, but is not technically a Board Committee because its chair is not required to be a Board member. Thus, while the Board may wish to work closely with this committee, its description is found at Handbook: II.C.3.d.