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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 9 [Section II.B]: [Committees—cont.] Committees Mandated in the By-Laws, cont — Annual Committees — Annual Meeting Committees — Local Arrangements

  1. Annual Committees
    1. Annual Meeting Committees
      1. Local Liaison Committee
      2. By-Law definition: The By-Law definition of this committee is no longer accurate, as the administration of the Annual Meeting now resides with the AMS office. (By-Laws VII.C.3: “It shall be the duty of the Local Arrangements Committee to administer the Annual Meeting of the Society in its physical, logistical, and financial aspects.”)

        Charge: The Local Arrangements Committee works with the central office of the AMS to assist with aspects of the Annual Meeting.


        1. a. The chair has responsibility for writing articles for the AMS Newsletter both one year and six months before the meeting; the chair also delivers a brief viva voce report to the Board at its March meeting and at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting itself in November. These reports take place on Sunday mornings during the respective meetings.
        2. The chair works with the Executive Director to plan one or two special local events, e.g. museum tour, evening concert, reception. Examples:
          1999: Kansas City Jazz Museum banquet and performance
          2001: Concert at Ebenezer Baptist by Atlanta glee clubs
          2002: Stravinsky concert at Ohio State University, with reception after
          2003: Monteverdi Vespers at U. of Houston, with reception after
          2004: OPUS Kickoff Banquet
          2005: Concerts at Catholic University, Baltimore, and the Kennedy Center
          2006: "Music of the Holocaust" concert; OPUS reception at UCLA
          2007: Pomerium concert; OPUS reception at the Musee des beaux arts
          2008: Fisk Jubilee Singers concert; OPUS reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame
          2009: Hampson Recital at Penn's Landing; Piffaro concert; Philadelphia Orchestra concerts
          2010: Rachmaninoff concert; Indianapolis Symphony, Mahler's Fifth Symphony

        Constitution: rotation of members. Variable number of members. If the meeting is to be a joint one with another society, the committee should include one or more representatives of that society. The term of committee members is for one year. Since nearly all the work of the committee takes place at the meeting itself, members of the committee need not reside locally.

        Timetable: The President, in consultation with the Executive Director, should appoint the chair of the committee as soon as possible after the location of the Annual Meeting concerned has been determined (no later than three years before that meeting). A detailed time and task line delineating all Annual Meeting activities resides with the AMS central office.

        Other Concerns: [n. a.]

        Travel reimbursement: [n. a.]