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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 8 [Section II]: [Committees—cont.] Committees Mandated in the By-Laws

B. Committees Mandated in the By-Laws

  1. Standing Committees
    1. Executive Committee
    2. By-Law definition: By-Law Article VII.B.1: “Any four officers of the Society shall constitute an Executive Committee to conduct any urgent business of the Society between meetings of the Board of Directors.” [Officers: President, Vice-President, President-Elect or Past President, Treasurer, Secretary]

      Charge: [see (By-Law definition) above]

      Guidelines: Urgent business may be brought to the attention of the committee by any of its members or by any member of the Society.

      Constitution: rotation of members. See (By-Law definition) above.

      Timetable: [n.a.]

      Other Concerns:

      Travel reimbursement: [n. a.]

    3. Finance Committee
    4. By-Law definition: By-Law Article VII.B.3: “The Finance Committee shall consist of three members: the President, the Treasurer, who shall chair the committee, and the Executive Director or other person appointed by the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee shall be charged with the management of the Society’s Endowment Funds and such other capital accounts and financial affairs as the Board of Directors may authorize.”

      Charge: [see By-Law definition above as well as Handbook description of Treasurer’s activities]

      Guidelines (newly established award endowment funds): Any designated fund that has $25,000 has as its minimum goal may have a portion of its $1,000 annual award subsidized from current operations as soon as the fund has $25,000 pledged and $12,500 of the pledges have been received.

      Constitution: rotation of members. [see By-Law definition above]

      Timetable: [n.a.]

      Other Concerns: The activities of the Finance Committee are reported to the Board by the Treasurer.

      Travel reimbursement: [n. a.]

    5. Publications Committee
    6. By-Law definition: Article VII.B.2: “The Publications Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for special publications (except the Journal and the Newsletter) as authorized by the Board of Directors, shall assign editorial responsibility, and shall collaborate in the execution of all business in connection with their manufacture and distribution.”


      1. See By-Law Definition above.
      2. The committee oversees in a general way, receives reports from, and reports to the Board on the activities of the Committee on the Publication of American Music (see below) and the editor of the AMS Studies series.
      3. The committee makes available funds to help individuals with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, articles, and works in non-print media. Applications are accepted from individual authors or editors, or their sponsoring organization, society, or department, to defray costs not covered by publishers, such as illustrations, musical examples, facsimiles, accompanying CDs, and permissions.
      4. The committee has, in the past, been involved in the planning of such occasional publications as a booklet for graduate students (The Ph.D. and Your Career: A Guide for Musicologists).
      5. Subject to Board approval, the committee may initiate projects, and support projects initiated elsewhere.

      Guidelines: For detailed guidelines on the administration of AMS Subventions for Publications, see

      Constitution: rotation of members.

      1. Normally the committee is comprised of nine regular members, plus one member of COPAM (usually the chair), the editor of JAMS, the editor of AMS Studies, and the AMS President and Executive Director (both ex officio).
      2. Members are normally limited to one five-year term, not renewable, though a former member may be reappointed to the committee after an interim period of three years.
      3. The chair serves on the committee for five years, four of them as chair.


      1. The committee normally meets twice per year, in association with the two subvention deadlines. Recently these meetings have been at the Annual Meeting and in May in New York City.
      2. A report of the committee appears in the February Newsletter (deadline Dec. 1).

      Other Concerns: For further information on the AMS Studies series see For further information on MUSA, see

      Travel reimbursement: Committee members are reimbursed for travel to meetings, except for that held during the Annual Meeting.

      1. Committee on the Publication of American Music (COPAM)
      2. By-Law definition: [n. a.] This committee was established by the Board to function in conjunction with the Publications Committee.

        Charge: To organize and implement the publication of significant American music of a variety of genres and from a variety of periods. The committee’s activities are carried out independently, but its recommendations are referred to the Publications Committee (through its member on that committee) for review, before presentation to the Board.

        Guidelines: [See (Other Concerns) below]

        Constitution: rotation of members. Usually a committee of eight, one of whom (normally the chair) serves concurrently on the Publications Committee. Members are normally appointed to four-year, overlapping, terms. Optionally, a member's term may be renewed once. Ex officio members include a representative from the Society for American Music, the Executive Editor of MUSA, and a representative from A-R Editions.

        Timetable: The committee meets regularly at the Annual Meeting in the fall and at the annual meeting of the Society for American Music in the spring. Other timetables are variable and dependent on projects undertaken—all of which, however, are addressed in regular reports to the Board, through the COPAM member of the Publications Committee.

        Other Concerns:

        1. The committee is expected to raise funds for its projects through grants and/or gifts to be made to the Society, allocated to budget lines set aside for publications, and administered by the Society. Requests by the committee for expenditures from such funds are submitted through the Publications Committee, and in this sense, COPAM functions as a subcommittee of the Publications Committee.
        2. Requests by the committee for funds from the general publications budget of the Society are to be made through the Publications Committee, which will consider such requests along with others made of it.
        3. The committee also assumes an important role in activities related to the publication of Music of the United States of American (MUSA), a series of scholarly editions of American music administered by the AMS (through COPAM), and published by A-R Editions, Inc., of Madison, Wisconsin. For further details, see: the AMS Directory and

        Travel reimbursement: The committee chair, as a member of the Publications Committee, is reimbursed for travel expenses to its meetings, except for that held during the Annual Meeting.