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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 6 [Section I.F]: [Structure, cont.] Other Appointments, cont.

  1. AMS Archives, Archivist
  2. Charge: To collect and preserve copies of all the publications of the society, directories, programs and abstracts from Annual Meetings, annual reports, financial records, minutes of Board meetings, election ballots, committee and chapter reports, By-Laws, presidential papers, official correspondence, records of all programs and activities, and AMS-related memorabilia (e.g., photographs, citations, and the like).

    Constitution: The Archives are housed in the manuscript collection of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and are under the direct care of the Curator.

    The following statement is included in the addenda to the Deed of Gift: “The Music Librarian of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries will act as archivist in conjunction with the Curator of Manuscripts.”

  3. AMS-L Moderating Team
  4. By-Law definition: [n. a.] To be coordinated with the Board Committee on Communications [see II.C.1.c].

    Charge: To administer the Moderated Electronic Discussion List of the Society (AMS-L); to report to the Board Committee on Communications.

    Guidelines: The moderating team consists of Lead Moderator, Assistant Moderator, and Back-up Moderator. In order to maintain appropriate content, and to assure a congenial environment for scholarly discourse, the Lead Moderator screens all messages before sending them to the list and has the authority to reject messages or to require revisions, in consultation with the moderating team as necessary, and in accord with detailed posting guidelines found at the Web site. The Assistant Moderator serves as AMS-L representative to the Committee on Communications. Should the Lead Moderator be temporarily unavailable to moderate, the role of moderator is taken by another member of the moderating team. Each member of the moderating team serves in his or her capacity for a period of one year. Each person serves as Assistant Moderator in year one; Lead Moderator in year two; and Back-up Moderator in year three. For further details, see

  5. Representatives
    1. AMS Delegate to ACLS
    2. Charge: To represent the AMS at the annual meeting of the ACLS and attend any special meetings to which it may call delegates of the constituent societies; write occasional papers as requested by the ACLS; report annually to the AMS Board.

      Timetable: Term of four years (as set by ACLS).

      Other concerns: Past-Presidents of the AMS may be particularly suitable to serve on this committee.

      Policy on Travel reimbursement: [n. a.: reimbursement is furnished by the ACLS for attendance at its meetings]

    3. AMS Representative to Library of Congress, National Recording Preservation Board
    4. Charge: To represent the AMS at the meeting(s) of the Library of Congress’s National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB); report at least once annually to the AMS Board; write one report annually for publication in the AMS Newsletter

      Timetable: Term of four years (as set by NRPB).

      Policy on Travel reimbursement: { ? }

    5. AMS Representative to U.S. RILM Board
    6. Charge: To oversee the management of the US-RILM Office and assist in identifying funds to support the activities of that office.

      Constitution: rotation of members. The U.S.-RILM Board has one member from each of the regularly supporting organizations (AMS, MLA, and US-IAML); the chair rotates among those members. Term of office is four years.

      Timetable: The Board meets annually during the AMS Annual Meeting.

    7. AMS Representative to Grove Online Advisory Panel
    8. Charge: The Grove Online Advisory Panel serves as a consultative body for the broad, fundamental questions that arise in the course of maintaining and developing Grove Music Online, currently a project of Oxford University Press.

      Constitution: rotation of members. One delegate from the AMS and from each of the constituent societies (International Association of Music Libraries, International Musicological Society, Music Library Association, Royal Musical Association, Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for Music Theory). Each society determines the length of term and selection process. The AMS delegate serves a four-year term.

      Timetable: The panel meets at least once every two years, with travel paid by Oxford University Press, and delegates are consulted individually or collectively for advice on an occasional basis.

    9. AMS Representative to NASM
    10. Charge: Act as a liaison between the AMS and the National Association of Schools of Music; attend annual meetings of NASM; report annually to AMS Board; bring concerns to Graduate Education Steering Committee.

      Timetable: Appointed for term of four years.

      Other concerns: TBD

      Policy on Travel reimbursement: TBD

    11. AMS Delegate to the Coalition on the Academic Workforce
    12. Charge: Act as a liaison between the AMS and the Coalition on the Academic Workforce; report annually to AMS Board.

      Timetable: TBD.

      Other concerns: The AMS has affirmed principles articulated in the 2010 CAW Issue Brief "One Faculty Serving All Students"

      Policy on Travel reimbursement: TBD