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F. Other Appointments

  1. Executive Director
  2. Charge: As described in Article VI.E.2 of the By-Laws, the Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director “ to provide administrative management to the Society.” According to the job description of 2/2004, the position requires management and supervision of (1) the day-to-day aspects of the Society’s current operations, its administrative office and staff, its bookkeeping in consultation and coordination with the Treasurer; (2) membership issues, including database upkeep and chapter liaison; (3) the Annual Meeting, including receiving and distributing the abstracts, preparing materials for the Program Committee and its chair, handling registration for the meeting, working with exhibitors and the Local Arrangements Committee, and preparing the program/abstracts book; and (4) publications, including overseeing content and production of the Directory and Newsletter, and maintaining and updating the website. The Executive Director serves as a member of the Board ex officio, attending all Board and Publications Committee meetings and serving actively on several committees. In addition, the Executive Director acts as the representative of the AMS at official functions and meetings of such organizations as the ACLS, consults with these organizations as necessary, and considers improvements and changes to current policies and procedures.

    The Executive Director maintains the reference lists necessary for Board business:

    1. “Committees and Their Members,” organized alphabetically by committee names, with the names of members who have served over the past twenty years or so (traditionally printed on green paper);
    2. “Members’ Committee Service, listing alphabetically by last name the members who have served on committees over the past twenty years or so (yellow paper);
    3. “Elections 198X-20XX,” indicating those members who have stood for election to Board and Officer positions, successfully or not, with dates and relevant offices for each (blue paper);
    4. “AMS Officers and Board Members 1980X-20XX,” indicating those members elected over the previous twenty-five years or so, alphabetically by last name, with dates and relevant offices for each (pink paper).

  3. AMS Publications
    1. Journal of the American Musicological Society
      1. Editor-in-Chief
      2. Charge: In addition to serving as editor per se, the editor-in-chief appoints, subject to Board approval, a review editor and an editorial board of the Journal (see under ii and iii below). During the Annual Meeting, the editor-in-chief reports to the Board and to the membership.

        Timetable: Three-year term. Search for a new editor-in-chief should begin two years prior to the beginning of his/her term. Candidates are proposed and discussed at the spring meeting of the Board (usually mid-March) of the year prior to the beginning of the new editor’s term; the Board ranks those candidates agreed upon; thereafter the President inquires about the availability and willingness to serve of the ranked candidates, proceeding from the top of the ranked list. The editor-in-chief is formally named at the fall meeting of the Board in the year prior to the beginning of his/her term.

        Honorarium: Currently set at $2,000 per issue.

      3. Review Editors
      4. By-Law definition: As stated in By-Law Article VIII.A.1: “The editor-in-chief of the Journal shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a review editor of the Journal to serve a three-year term concurrent with the term of the editor-in-chief.” By extension, the editor-in-chief also appoints (subject to the approval of the Board of Directors) a Digital and Multimedia Editor.

        Honoraria: Currently set at $500 per issue.

      5. Editorial Board
      6. By-Law definition: As stated in By-Law Article VIII.A.2: “The Editorial Board of the Journal shall be appointed by the editor-in-chief, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Its members shall serve terms of three years concurrent with the term of the editor-in-chief. A member of the Editorial Board may be reappointed for a second term, but no member may serve more than two consecutive terms. The Editorial Board shall serve the editor-in-chief in an advisory capacity for the formulation of editorial policy, and the individual members of the Editorial Board shall be available to the editor-in-chief for the evaluation of manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal.”

      7. Managing Editor
      8. The Assistant Editor works with the editor-in-chief and the review editor to produce the Journal. The job comprises three elements: copyediting, manuscript preparation, and proofreading. The assistant editor maintains correspondence with editors, authors, and typesetter; tracks manuscripts through the editorial process and ensures that deadlines are met; and prepares copy for contents and cover pages, Contributors to This Issue page, and index (fall issue only). This is a paid half-time position.

    2. AMS Studies, Editor
    3. Charge: Overall responsibility for reviewing manuscripts (with assistance of readers chosen by the editor him/herself, in consultation with the Publications Committee), proposing acceptances to the Board through the Publications Committee, editing accepted manuscripts, and seeing them through the press and publication.

      Guidelines: For details, see

      Timetable: Appointed by the President for an indefinite term. The editor reports to the Publications Committee (of which she or he is a member) and to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

      Policy on Travel reimbursement: Travel expenses to the Spring meeting of the Publications Committee is reimbursed.

      Honorarium: Currently set at $1,500 per fiscal year.

    4. Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology
    5. Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology is an online service under the oversight of the AMS office.

    6. AMS Newsletter, Editor
    7. Charge: Overall responsibility for editing the biannual issues of the AMS Newsletter (February/March and August/September).

      Timetable: Appointed by the President for a three-year term. Copy deadlines for issues are 1 December (for February issue) and 15 May (for August issue).

      Honorarium: Currently set at $1,000 per year.

    8. Musicology Now, Editor
    9. Charge: Overall responsibility for editing the AMS blog Musicology Now.

      Timetable: Appointed by the President for a mutually agreed-upon term.