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AMS Administrative Handbook

Page 2: [Section I]: [Structure, cont.] Board of Directors

B. Board of Directors

    By-Law definition: While Article VI of the By-Laws describes the constitution and election of the Board, as well as the process for meeting, it contains no description of the Board’s duties.

    Charge: Assistance to the Officers of the Society and oversight of the Society in general. Thus the Board’s duties include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    1. Proposing slates of candidates for the five Society Officer positions and for Members at Large.
    2. Oversight of the Society’s budget.
    3. Oversight of the Executive Office.
    4. Consultation about Council matters, as the Council Secretary and President see fit.
    5. Reviewing committee reports and suggesting further action.
    6. Formation and dissolution of committees beyond those named in the By-Laws, both committees “of the Board,” and “at-large” committees.
    7. Oversight of the Society’s publishing operations; JAMS, the Newsletter, AMS Studies, COPAM, subventions to individual projects, etc.
    8. Oversight of awards processes.
    9. Oversight of outreach operations to other scholarly societies and academic bodies.

    Guidelines: Prepare for Board meetings by reading the Agenda book sent out by the President before the fall and spring meetings; attend Board meetings twice a year, at the Annual Meeting and at the spring meeting; participate in discussion by email or teleconference between meetings; serve on and sometimes chair the Board committees, as appointed by the President; from time to time undertake ad hoc projects arising from Board discussions or as directed by the President.

    Constitution: See By-Laws, Article VI, A-B. All appointments begin and end at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation. In order to provide continuity and institutional memory, newly elected Board members are strongly encouraged to attend the Wednesday and Thursday meetings at the Annual Meeting, although they do not have voting privileges until the Sunday morning Board meeting.

    Timetable: Normally twice per year, once at the Annual Meeting and once in March. At the discretion of the President and other officers.

    Other concerns: None.

    Travel reimbursement: The Society normally pays for Board travel, and subsidizes accommodation.