Applications for the following AMS travel and research grants are reviewed by a single committee. Since the terms for these grants have overlapping areas of emphasis, applicants may request to be considered for more than one, if appropriate. A place to indicate which travel/research grant(s) you wish to be considered for is given on the application form. Although applicants may request to be considered for several grants, one only may be awarded to successful applicants. No individual may receive a travel/research grant more than once in a three-year period.

Funds awarded in must be applied to travel/research undertaken between 1 May and 30 April .

Elliott Antokoletz Endowment
for research in Twentieh-Century Music

M. Elizabeth C. Bartlet Endowment
for research in France

Virginia and George Bozarth Endowment
for research in Austria

H. Robert Cohen/RIPM Endowment
for research based on the musical press

Jan LaRue Travel Endowment
for European research

Harold Powers World Travel Endowment
for research throughout the world

Ora Frishberg Saloman Endowment
for musicological research

Eugene K. Wolf Travel Endowment
for European research

Applicants will be notified in early May. The winner(s) will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation of the Society. Please communicate with the office if questions arise.

The procedure consists of the following:

The application and all materials must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EDT, 1 April

  • An 800-character summary of your proposal that briefly describes:

a) the problem or question you are addressing in your research project 

b) the significance of the project

c) what you expect to accomplish during the funding period.

Additional space is then provided for you to discuss these three aspects of the proposal at greater length (3500-, 1600-, 1200-character limit, respectively).

  • Describe the overall project that the present proposal supports, explaining the basic ideas, problems, or questions to be explored. (3500-character limit)
  • Explain the significance of the overall project the present proposal supports and the anticipated contribution of the project to the existing body of research and writing on the topic or question. (1600-character limit)
  • Provide the expected results of research done during the grant period, and plans for further research on the project. If publication or another form of acceptance of the results of the proposed research has already been arranged, please provide this information (1200-character limit)
  • A more detailed plan of work (3500 characters) that describes:

a) preliminary work already completed 

b) present state of the proposed research 

c) stages (if any) to be completed following the grant period.

  • Information regarding

a) Institution(s) you intend to visit

b) Itinerary

c) Budget

  • Specific to the Cohen/RIPM Fund application only:

a) How does your proposal advance the goals of RIPM?

b) Which periodicals are essential to the realization of your project and why?

You are also asked to supply one letter of support to be sent to the AMS by a scholar familiar with your work. Even if you apply for more than one fund, you need only submit one letter.

It is to be uploaded to the AMS website directly by the writer of the letter via this form (

Please communicate with the office if questions arise.

Click here to access the application form. (Deadline: 1 April)

AMS Travel/Research Grants: Summary
Name Topic/Purpose Open to Pre-Doctoral (ABD) Open to Post-Doctoral [including independent scholars] (5 yrs post-degree max) Other

Twentieth-Century Music: music-centered approaches to creativity in twentieth-century music (composition, improvisation, performance).

yes yes

Bartlet Research in France yes yes  
Bozarth Research in Austria yes yes  

Related to the goals of RIPM: studies based in large part upon eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century periodical literature dealing with music, including those focusing on one or more journals, music critics and criticism, reception history, and issues related to access and preservation.

yes yes Open to all AMS members
LaRue Research in Europe yes yes  
Powers The world; disciplinarily open yes yes  
Saloman Music criticism and reception history yes yes  
Wolf Research in Europe yes no Pre-doctoral only