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Committee on Membership and Professional Development (CMPD)

The AMS Board of Directors charged this committee with the following tasks:

  • develop programs and resources appropriate to various segments of the Society at all stages of members' careers;
  • gather information in order to respond to needs of various segments of its membership;
  • serve as an umbrella organization for committees that currently address issues of certain membership groups:
  • monitor and address the effects of professional, economic, and demographic changes on the composition of the Society's membership;
  • explore mentoring initiatives for multiple constituencies.

The Committee has identified the following areas for study:

  • periodically gathering data on membership and preparing a self-study,
  • collecting feedback on members' concerns,
  • providing members with information about the profession and the society,
  • implementing programs to meet members' professional needs (grants, health insurance, library privileges, workshops). 

Cynthia Verba, "For Graduate Students in the Fields of Music: A Guide to Professional Development," 2011

Cynthia Verba, "The Ph.D. and Your Career: A Guide for Musicologists," 1980

Also of interest, the Committee on Career-Related Issues has posted a bibliography of material relating to career issues. Click here to see the bibliography. (Look for the heading "Select Bibliography.")

Professional Development Travel Grants to attend Annual Meeting

The AMS offers Professional Development Travel Grants to AMS members who have little or no financial support for travel to participate in the Annual Meeting of the Society. The purpose of this grant is to aid non-affiliated scholars and those with institutional appointments but little or no financial support for conference travel.

Grants of up to $500 (overseas applicants) and $350 (U.S./Canada applicants) (subject to funding availability) are available to those who are presenting papers or performances, chairing sessions, or serving on an AMS Committee. Graduate students presenting papers at the Annual Meeting of the Society are also eligible for Professional Development Travel Grants, if the home institution is unable to provide sufficient support.

The AMS Board of Directors has made additional Professional Travel Grants available, funded through the the Keitel/Palisca Endowment.

These are intended to assist AMS members to attend the Annual Meeting. This initiative is open to all AMS Student members and AMS members earning $30,000 or less annually.

As a general rule, scholars will not be funded two years in a row.

Note: In the event that the 2020 AMS Annual Meeting can't be held as planned due to the COVID-19 crisis, these grants will be postponed to the following year or converted to defray the cost of attending virtual conferences or engaging in other types of professional development.

Application deadline: 1 July 2020.

Applicants affiliated with an institution will need to have their department chair, dean, or supervisor confirm the degree or amount of support available from the home institution. This may be submitted using to form available here.