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AMS/SMT San Antonio: Announcements
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Invitation to Chat with AMS Board 0 G. Cowart The AMS Board Meet and Greet was a huge success last year in Rochester. Board members collected a wide array of information and feedback, which we drew on (along with earlier member surveys) to guide the decision making process in our retreat last April and going forward. Some of you will see changes this year based on the feedback we received, which is always much appreciated.  Pairs of members of the AMS Board will again be available at the AMS booth in the Book Exhibit during designated hours. A schedule will be posted later in this space and at the table.  In addition to receiving suggestions and feedback, we simply want to meet you and get to know you, and for you to know us as colleagues and friends. Please take a moment to stop by while you are browsing the book exhibit, or otherwise have a free moment during the conference. We look forward to meeting and greeting you!  Georgia Cowart Vice President and Chair of the Committee on the Annual Meeting      
by G. Cowart
Saturday, October 27, 2018
MLA Notes Reception Friday evening 0 D. Campana Please join us for a glass of wine and a cupcake on Friday evening, 8:00­–10:00 PM, in the Hyatt’s Bonham A Room (3rd floor). Come introduce yourself especially if you have written for the Music Library Association’s journal Notes or would like to learn more about how to engage in that process. We look forward to seeing you there.  - Deborah Campana, Notes editor, and Liza Vick, MLA Publications Cmte. chair/former book review editor
by D. Campana
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Committee on Women and Gender session livestreamed! 0 M. Hunter The Committee on Women and Gender’s Special Session on Access/Accessibility on Friday afternoon at 4 pm CDT will be live-streamed to allow as broad participation as possible. Here’s the link: It is accessible either through this link or via the AMS livestream Youtube channel. The initial panel presentation (approx. 4 pm to 4:45 pm and the wrap up (approx. 5:10-5:30 pm) will be broadcast in this way. The workshop section of the session (approximately 4:50-5:10 pm) will not be live streamed. However, those who wish to participate in a small-group discussion related to the issues raised by the panelists can do so through a link that will be available in the description area under the livestream window during the session. Comments from that virtual group will be collected at the end of the workshop along with the comments made live.    
by M. Hunter
Friday, October 26, 2018
Organology Study Group Institutional Meeting 0 M. Zeller Organology Study Group Institutional Meeting. Please join us Friday evening anytime between 5:45-7:45pm in room Republic B for a drop-in organizational meeting. This new study group is dedicated to creating a collaborative and collegial space within the AMS for scholars whose research deals with any aspect of musical instruments in music making. All are welcome to share their thoughts and ideas for the future of this study group.
by M. Zeller
Friday, October 26, 2018
Special Session, Mel Chen with Suzanne Cusick and Gavin Lee 0 G. Cowart Special events have been planned in response to the 2017 Texas Child-Services Legislation and as support for the LGBTQ community in San Antonio. Of special note, a lecture by Mel Chen, Director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Culture at UC/Berkeley. With Suzanne Cusick, New York University and incoming AMS President, and Gavin Lee, Soochow University, China, as respondents, the panel will explore the interface of musicology and music theory with gender and social issues (Friday am, 10:45). A more practical session on social action will be offered by SMT at 9 am, also on Friday.  A fuller explanation of these sessions, the Texas legislation, and opportunities for members to support the local community, is posted at We hope to see you there. 
by G. Cowart
Thursday, October 25, 2018
Queer Resources Panel on Trans Musicology 0 C. Latham The SMT Queer Resources Interest Group invites you to join us for three presentations about trans issues and musicology on Friday, November 2, 12:30-2:00pm in Texas A. Our presenters are: Dana Baitz, "Towards a Trans* Method in Musicology." Shana Goldin-Perschbacher, "Theorizing Sincerity in Trans and Queer Country and Folk Music." Stephan Pennington, "Angels and Aliens: Non-Binary Voices in a Binary World." These papers will address the general question of what might be special about trans musicology, and more specific issues about gendered vocal styles and present-day trans popular music. We are excited to offer what we believe is the first session devoted specifically to trans issues at a SMT or AMS meeting, and feel special urgency about raising these issues in the context of the increasing power of transphobic political positions. The work presented on this panel relates closely to the authors' chapters in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Music and Queerness.  We look forward to seeing you there! Best, Clara Latham and Vivian Luong
by C. Latham
Thursday, October 25, 2018
The New AMS Website: Q & A Session with Bob Judd 0 R. Judd The New AMS Website: Q & A Session led by Bob Judd Saturday, 3 November, 10:45-11:30 a.m., Republic B Come to this 45-minute session to learn more about the many new features that the new AMS website provides. Have you tried it and been confused? Here's the chance to have things resolved.  Can't make it? No worries. We hope to run a series of regular video conferences for the same purpose over the next few months. Care to send questions ahead of time? That's fine too. Write to Bob,  Note: this is a last-minute event that is not in the printed program! 
by R. Judd
Thursday, October 25, 2018
AMS Music and Philosophy Study Group – Friday Lunch Discussion 0 M. Gallope The AMS Music and Philosophy Study Group (MPSG) will hold a freeform discussion of two texts during our scheduled business meeting: the introduction from Daniel Chua's Beethoven & Freedom (Oxford University Press, 2017) and the introduction to Naomi Waltham-Smith's Music and Belonging Between Revolution and Restoration (Oxford University Press, 2017). Discussion will be co-facilitated by Holly Watkins and Michael Gallope. This is a casual, open meeting; all AMS/SMT attendants interested in the readings are welcome to join.   The discussion will take place on Friday, November 2nd, from 12:30– 2:00 p.m. in Bonham C.   Readings are available here in PDF form: If you have any questions, please contact Michael Gallope:
by M. Gallope
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
University of Minnesota Reception, Sat, 7-10, Room 930 0 D. Grayson Dear current and former students, faculty, and friends of the University of Minnesota Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Theory programs: Please join us for a reception between 7 and 10 PM on Saturday, November 3 in Room 930 of the Grand Hyatt. Liquor, soft drinks, and light refreshments will be provided.
by D. Grayson
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
French Music Happy Hour! 1 J. Rogers Thanks for organizing this! I hope to stop by briefly at the beginning and appreciate the chance to meet up with other Frenchies, old friends & new. Georgia Cowart
by G. Cowart
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Implicit Bias session Saturday AM 0 G. Cowart Many of you expressed the wish that our initiatives with Implicit Bias training and related issues could be continued after last year's session in Rochester. A number of you also wished that future sessions could be scheduled on the regular program, as the pre-conference scheduling didn't work for some last year. In San Antonio the SMT Committee on the Status of Women is sponsoring a 180-minute session entitled "Minimizing Implicit Bias to Improve Campus Climate: Developing Inclusive Classrooms and Faculty Search Processes" (Texas A, 9:00 - 12:15 Saturday AM.  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Times} The speaker line-up (including external specialists, SMT and AMS members) looks excellent. Of course AMS members are welcome to attend, and I hope to see you there. This is an initiative we hope to make a regular part of AMS scheduling going forward. If you have comments or questions about this or other activities/initiatives of the Committee on the Annual Meeting, please feel free to contact me at or incoming VP and CAM chair Judy Tsou at, and/or in person in San Antonio.  See you soon!  Georgia Cowart Vice President, AMS Chair, Committee on the Annual Meeting
by G. Cowart
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
SMT Global New Music Interest Group 0 G. Lee This is our second year Global New Music Interest Group will meet at the SMT-AMS joint annual meeting in San Antonio. We will present nine lightning-talks. We are scheduled to meet on Saturday, November 3 at 5:45-7:45 in Crockett CD. It promises to be an exciting session that focuses on underrepresented composers and music. Our presenters are:   Polymodality, Polyphony, and Microtonality in Hamidreza Dibazar's Persian Quartet: Navid Bargrizan (University of Florida)   Hong-Kai Wang’s Southern Clairaudience and Listening as Decolonial Feminist Work: Miki Kaneda (Boston University)   The human equation: fractal form and activism in the music of Niloufar Nourbakhsh: Penny Brandt (Institute for Composer Diversity)   Trans-cultural-stylistic Solutions of Toshi Ichiyanagi’s Transfiguration of the Moon (1988), for Shô and Violin: Joshua Banks Mailman (Columbia University)   Flexible Grooves and Formal Processes in Craig Taborn's Avenging Angel (2011): Antares Boyle (University of Northern Colorado)   Tan Dun's Ode to Nanxiang: Xie Zhangmin   Decoding the Riddle: Unsuk Chin’s Alice in Wonderland Tea-Party: Ji Yeon Lee (University of Houston)   Algorithmic Method and Delicate Patterns in Leonid Hrabovsky’s Concerto Misterioso: Oksana Nesterenko (Stony Brook University)   The Sori of Young Jo Lee, with an emphasis on Sori No. 13 for unaccompanied trumpet: Craig B. Parker (Kansas State University)   Open discussions and business meeting will follow the lightning-talks. We look forward to seeing you there! Safe travels.
by G. Lee
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Open interviews - Colby College 0 K. VanDerMeer  Colby College will be holding open interviews at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio for a Faculty Fellow in Music Theory/Composition position. Sign up for a time on Saturday if interested.
by K. VanDerMeer
Monday, October 22, 2018
Attention Prospective Graduate Students 0 D. DiCenso Reception for Prospective Graduate Students Prospective graduate students are warmly invited to attend the Reception for Prospective Graduate Students, Friday, Nov. 2, 5:30-7pm (Texas Prefunction). The reception allows prospective students the opportunity to meet faculty representatives from graduate programs from across the country (and some from abroad).  There is also the opportunity to meet other prospective graduate students in attendance at the conference.  The reception is free and open to all prospective students attending the AMS. No reservations or appointments are required.  Light refreshments will be provided.  Last year, more than 50 musicology programs were represented at the reception. The list of program represented at this year’s reception will be updated just before the conference and can be accessed here. Best wishes,  Francesca Brittan (Case Western) Daniel DiCenso (Holy Cross) Co-Chairs, AMS Graduate Education Committee
by D. DiCenso
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Eighteenth-Century Music at 15 0 S. Zohn   The journal Eighteenth-Century Music celebrates its first fifteen years with a reception at AMS/SMT San Antonio on Friday, 2 November from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m. in Grand Hyatt room Texas B. (Note that the room for the reception changed in September, so the information in the AMS program booklet is incorrect!) This event is co-sponsored by the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music, the American Bach Society, the American Handel Society, the Mozart Society of America, the Haydn Society of North America, and Cambridge University Press.   Please come for a bite to eat and to raise a glass to Eighteenth-Century Music and the people who have contributed to its success over the years. Steven Zohn, Co-Editor, Eighteenth-Century Music Sarah Eyerly, President, Society for Eighteenth-Century Music
by S. Zohn
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Early Music Drinks in San Antonio 0 A. Zayaruznaya The self-appointed Early Music Social Committee* is delighted to announce the sixth annual Early Music Drinks at the San Antonio AMS/SMT.  As always, this informal, no-host pub night is open to anyone who wishes to join—Early-, Mid-, Late-, Pre- or Post-Career; very early, somewhat early, or positively early modern music—all are warmly welcome! This year's event will take place on Thursday Nov. 1 at/after 8:30pm at Bar 414 (not a pitch standard*). The prohibition-themed bar Bar 414 is inside the historic Gunter Hotel, at 205 E Houston St., San Antonio, about a 15-minute walk from the conference hotel. Please help us spread the word and keep up with any last-minute changes, first, by replying to our Facebook invitation and extending it to others who may be interested; and second, by following the Twitter tag #earlymusicAMS. You may also use the Twitter tag for other Early Music announcements. Hope to see you there! Dan DiCenso Emily Zazulia Anna Zayaruznaya ----- *Want to appoint yourself to take over? Talk to us. **Bar 414 is named after Room 414 of the Gunter hotel, which played host to a historic recording session by Robert Johnson on November 23, 1936. Since then, John Mellencamp, Joe Henry, and Billy Bragg have recorded music in the same room.  
by A. Zayaruznaya
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
SMT Autographs and Archival Documents Interest Group Meeting in San Antonio 0 K. VanDerMeer The Autographs and Archival Documents Interest Group will sponsor four “works in progress” talks at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Our speakers will be Jonathan Bernard and Landon Morrison (moderated by Catherine Losada), and Benjamin Levy and Kevin Karnes (moderated by Lynne Rogers).  A schedule of the meeting on Friday, November 2nd, 5:45-7:45pm, Texas D, follows.  We look forward to seeing you there! Laura Emmery, Co-Chair Autographs and Archival Documents Interest Group Meeting Schedule, San Antonio Friday, November 2nd, 5:45-7:45pm (Texas D) (5:45-6:00) Business meeting: Laura Emmery (Emory University) and Áine Heneghan (University of Michigan) Co-chairs of AADIG Session I (6:00-6:45) Catherine Losada (College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati), Chair (6:00) Jonathan Bernard (University of Washington), “Harmony in Elliott Carter’s Adagio Tenebroso (1993-95)”   (6:15) Landon Morrison (McGill University), “Sounds, Sketches, Software: Transmediation as Compositional Process in Post-Spectral Music” (6:30) Discussion   (6:45) Break   Session II (7:00-7:45) Lynne Rogers (Mannes School of Music), Chair (7:00) Benjamin Levy (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Building Connections: Music and Materiality in the Bruce Goff Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago”   (7:15) Kevin Karnes (Emory University), “Arvo Pärt’s Test (1977): Unveiling Sacred Tintinnabuli in the Soviet Underground” (7:30) Discussion
by K. VanDerMeer
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Seminar: On the Academic Pipeline: Tenure, Pedagogy, and Coalition 0 M. Leslie Santana Friday, November 2 2:45 – 3:15pm, Texas E In this seminar, we consider strategies for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in music studies. We are excited to have three thought-provoking papers that are diverse in scope and invite discussion on shared themes. They are: Robin Attas (Queen’s University) and Patrick Nickleson (Mount Allison University), “Decolonizing Music Pedagogy: Two Settler Perspectives on the Undergraduate Music Curriculum” Michael Uy (Harvard University), “Applied Musicology and Going Beyond the Academic Pipeline” Anaar Desai-Stephens (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester), “Undoing ‘Academic Whiteness,’ Embodying Multiple Selves in Academic Musicology” Together, the authors bring insights from the field of music into dialogue with relevant discussions in critical race studies and decolonial studies in order to suggest future directions for the discipline. During the seminar, the authors will briefly summarize their papers and the co-conveners will facilitate a discussion with the authors, and then there will be ample time for discussion with those in attendance. The seminar is open to all conference attendees, and we encourage you to read the papers before the meeting in order to allow for an in-depth discussion. Convenors Ellie M. Hisama (Columbia University) Matthew Leslie Santana (Harvard University) Session Abstract Following the Charlottesville rally and protests last August, AMS president Martha Feldman released a statement reaffirming the Society’s core values, making explicit its support of “diversity, inclusion, and tolerance as well as free inquiry and academic freedom.” Yet diversity for the AMS remains an elusive goal: the Society remains nearly 90% white; the Eileen Southern Travel Grant, which supports the attendance of underrepresented groups at the annual meeting, is currently flagged as the AMS fund “most in need of additional support”; and last spring, President Feldman found it necessary to urge “all engaged in musicology to show each other respect and support” with regard to the current job market and the “temptation to lash out in anger and frustration.” A common expectation of diversity initiatives is that underrepresented communities must shoulder the responsibility for diversifying the field. More sustainable measures, however, should consider how the majority can advance diversity at structural and institutional levels, rather than placing the burden of progress on racially and ethnically underrepresented scholars, women, and the newer generation of student-scholars. This seminar will explore opportunities to provide sustained support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in professional music societies and disciplines. Such conversations about race, ethnicity, and intersectionality are most effective when both underrepresented and majority members of the Society are in dialogue; the seminar aims to bridge this gap. By facilitating this conversation, we hope to present the repair of our “leaky” pipeline as a necessarily collaborative effort and generate strategies for sustaining these efforts.
by M. Leslie Santana
Monday, October 15, 2018
RILM Lunch Meeting 0 T. Frühauf You are invited to a lunch meeting with RILM on Friday, 2 November, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm in Bowie B at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas. Associate Executive Editor Tina Frühauf will open the meeting with an update on recent developments at RILM, sharing news and relevant information for RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text, an expansion and enhancement of  the unrivaled global bibliography of writings with full-text content from more than 200 key periodicals; RILM Music Encyclopedias, the continually expanding full-text compilation global online repository of music reference works with five new titles coming in 2019; and MGG Online, the continuously updated digital version of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, with revised and new articles. Product Manager Naomi Perley will report on RILM’s takeover of the Index of Printed Music. All interested persons are invited to this presentation. RSVP is required by Tuesday, 23 October, to reserve lunch and a seat. Please send an email to, including your name, institution, and "AMS".
by T. Frühauf
Monday, October 15, 2018
Music+Psychoanalysis (SMT Interest Group): Reschedule! 0 S. Brodsky   The SMT Interest Group Music + Psychoanalysis has been rescheduled! We will meet on Friday, November 2 in Bonham D from 5:45–7:45. We will be discussing Seth Brodsky’s 2017 book From 1989, or European Music and the Modernist Unconscious (see an introductory blogpost here and a recent review here). The discussion will begin with a few questions from IG organizers David Bard-Schwarz + Clara Latham, but quickly open into a general discussion; Seth will be on hand as well. We look forward to having you join in the discussion. If you have any difficulties accessing the material, please be in touch directly with Clara Latham at
by S. Brodsky
Saturday, October 13, 2018