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AMS Ecocriticism Study Group events
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10/29/2018 at 10:42:17 PM GMT
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AMS Ecocriticism Study Group events

The AMS Ecocriticism Study Group is sponsoring two events at this year's conference: a joint panel along with the AMS/SMT Music and Disability Study/Interest Groups, and a business meeting

We welcome all who are interested in any aspect of music's intersection with space, place, nature, the environment, sound, or anyone curious to learn more about ecomusicology to the brief Ecocriticism Study Group business meeting on Friday at 12:30 in Texas E (feel free to bring your own lunch!).  

Thursday evening, please join us for an interdisciplinary session Thursday, 8-10pm, in Texas F for the panel "Music, Disability, and the Environment: Bridging Scholarship with Activism," featuring six scholars who work across interconnected areas dealing with public scholarship, space, environment, disability, and activism:

  • Ailsa Lipscombe will discuss how, within medical environments, attentive listening to tripartite conversations between the interlocking forces of human, machine, and architecture reveals ways of being and ways of knowing.  
  • James Deaville will discuss his ongoing activism over disability rights on campus
  • Jessica Schwartz will present on the role of activism and creative dissent in her research and pedagogy, including a recent course she designed titled “anarcho-musicology: music & anarchism.” 
  • Chantal Lemire will explore the relationship between music pedagogy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with reference to her own experience and others who live with ADHD
  • Rachel Mundy will discuss music’s place in the posthuman and material turn, an intervention in today’s discourse of ethics she calls “the animanities.”
  • William Robin will speak on how Twitter can function as an effective platform for musicologists to amplify activist work

The panel will be moderated by Jessica Holmes, Anabel Maler, and Jacob Cohen.