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History of Theory IG/SG meeting Nov. 2: Workshop with Suzannah Clark
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10/29/2018 at 6:11:43 PM GMT
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History of Theory IG/SG meeting Nov. 2: Workshop with Suzannah Clark

AMS/SMT conference reminder:  Workshop led by Suzannah Clark, Harvard University:

“Schumann, Liszt, and Two Lessons in Reading Tonal Spaces”


SMT History of Theory Interest Group and AMS History of Theory Study Group

Friday, 5:45–7:45pm, Location:  Travis CD


This workshop will focus on two composers and two theorists to analyze the historical connections between specific composers and specific theories of tonal space: Robert Schumann's reading of Gottfried Weber, and Franz Liszt's engagement with Carl Weitzmann. Although Schumann begrudgingly read Weber’s Versuch einer geordneten Theorie der Tonsetzkunst (1817–21), it has been argued (Lerdahl 2001, Hoeckner 2006, and others) that the order of keys in Schumann’s multi-movement works and cycles reveal how deep the influence ran. Liszt knew Weitzmann, whose treatise on the augmented triad (Der übermässige Dreiklang, 1853) served as a defense and rationalization of the emerging musical language of the Zukunftsmusik, of which Liszt was a proponent. In turn, it influenced Liszt’s ensuing compositional output. The workshop will bring out the tensions between modern intuitions of iconic tonal spaces and historical configurations by Weber and Weitzmann. Through two musical examples, I shall highlight some of the dividends that venturing into the details of the history of tonal spaces produces for music analysis and hermeneutics.  



We hope to see you there!